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The evolution of Prepared Meals Delivery

18 Oct 2020


The Story Behind Sare Foods

Imagine having your own personal chef preparing delicious meals for you week after week, all at a price point that’s lower than eating out...

The prepared meals industry

01 Aug 2020


The prepared meals industry has evolved so much in the past few years. I bet you that in 2010 you never thought that you would see meal-kit and fully...

Butter Chicken

25 Jul 2020


What does it take to prepare a Butter Chicken meal at home? I did some analysis, and I will...

For the Love of Food

06 Jul 2020

Prepared Meals Delivery or, for that matter, food delivery is not a new concept, although there has been a surge in the number of food delivery companies in the last...

Contact-Less Delivery with

06 Jun 2020


Are you missing the restaurant experience but still wanting to stay on the safe side by social distancing? Or maybe you are immuno-compromised and you’re missing the restaurant...

Don’t let the hustle and bustle keep you from feeding your family well

02 Nov 2019

The school year is in full swing and the holiday season is just around the corner. Suddenly time is speeding up, and no one has time to make dinner....

Catering this Holiday Season!

23 Oct 2019


The leaves are changing and that can only mean one thing, the holidays are just around the corner! I know what you’re thinking “It’s not even Halloween!” But we...

The Best Prepared Meals Delivery Service in St. Louis

01 Oct 2019

The Best Prepared Meals Delivery Service in St. Louis

Does the thought of coming home every day to a hot, fresh-cooked meal sound absolutely delightful? Of course,...

The Keto Beginner Grocery List to Get You Started

24 Aug 2019

The keto diet has been buzzing around the nation for years now, but it's never too late to get started. If you're ready to jump on the ketogenic bandwagon, then...

Get Your Day Started Right with These 7 Keto Breakfast Recipes

24 Aug 2019

Breakfast. The most fantastic meal of the day. Sizzling bacon, vibrant eggs, spicy sausage, sumptuous melted cheese - is your mouth watering yet?

If you're a breakfast fanatic who's struggling to...

Paleo Vs Vegan how do these diets compare?

18 Aug 2019

We all know the importance of eating healthy and how it can contribute to the quality and length of your life. You’ve probably heard of the Vegan and Paleo diets....

Weekly Meals for Senior Citizens

19 Jul 2019

Healthy Meals for the Elderly in Your Life

Nothing says, “I love you,” more than a healthy, nutritious lifestyle with fresh homestyle food. Provide delicious, ready-to-eat meals to the seniors in...

Bone broth provides a host of positive benefits

08 Jul 2019

Aging is a part of life, but eating a healthy diet is a huge component in slowing the aging process. Medical professionals and nutritionists are always looking for the best...

Lazy Keto Meals to Stay on Top of Your Diet on the Weekend

27 Jun 2019

 In case you're feeling out of the loop, and you aren't sure what KETO is or why people eat this way, we'll get into all of that. A Ketogenic...

Is Rice Paleo What you need to know

27 Jun 2019

 Is Rice Paleo? What you need to know.

  So what is "Paleo" and why do people eat this way? Well, the paleo diet has been gaining in popularity for years...

Vegan Essentials You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen

27 Jun 2019

There are two main approaches to a vegan diet: surviving and thriving. Surviving usually dictates eating bland, vegan-approved meals and viewing it as a strict diet while thriving entails savoring...

Do Vegans Eat Fish 3 Reasons They Don’t Need To

27 Jun 2019

Today, you likely know a handful of vegans. A decade ago, though? Likely not.

According to GlobalData, the number of US consumers identifying as vegan grew...

The Vegetarian Shopping List to Get You Started

27 Jun 2019

Vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean eating healthy. Similar to how eating gluten-free cookies doesn’t change the fact that you’re still eating cookies. If your pantry is loaded with high-fat, high-sugar, vegetarian-friendly...

Soul Food Delivery in St Louis

11 Jun 2019

Hungry For a Taste Of Home.

Are you hungry for something special? Not your average supper but something that makes you think of home. Something that tastes like what...

Variety of Meals Delivered to St Louis Metro Area

08 Jun 2019

Hope for the Hungry in STL

Same problem different day. Why aren’t there more food delivery services in St. Louis? We’ve all experienced this, it’s the end of a long...

You don’t need to be rich to enjoy rich food

31 May 2019

Enjoy Restaurant Cuisine Anywhere You’d Like With a Personal Chef. You don’t need to be rich to enjoy rich food.

Have a big event coming up and feeling overwhelmed...

Why Eating Local Is Better for You the Community and Your Wallet

31 May 2019

Why Eating Local Is Better for You, the Community, and Your Wallet

Think of your last dinner plate. Do you know where all the components of the dish came...

Healthy Meals and Custom Fit Meals Delivered to your Home in St Louis

26 May 2019 Saving Busy Mom’s One Meal at a Time

Summertime is here and the living is easy! Well…maybe not. As much as we all expect life to slow down this...

The Food Connection — How Food Bridges Cultural Divides

22 May 2019

The United States is the world’s cultural melting pot. Every day, you’re surrounded by people who look different, talk different, worship different, and think differently than you. To understand and...

Make a Name for Yourself as a Chef in St Louis

22 May 2019

Make a Name for Yourself as a Chef in St. Louis

Gladiators in ancient Rome boasted a higher survival rate than restaurants in the food industry.

Close to 60% of restaurants...

Improve Your Life by Improving Your Diet SareFood Can Help

20 May 2019


 Are you trying to make healthier choices for yourself in 2019? Do you eat a special diet like Vegan, Keto, or Paleo? Are you...

On the Keto Diet Do not Worry SareFood Has You Covered

19 May 2019

What Is The Keto Diet?

One of today’s most popular diets is the ketogenic diet—referred to as keto, for short. A typical keto diet is heavy in meats...

Cooking at Home Isn’t as Cheap As You Think

16 May 2019

Money. You love it, you hate it, you want it, you need it.

And you do just about anything to save it. Well, you try to do...

Fresh Food Doesn’t Just Taste Better — It’s Better for You

16 May 2019

Fresh Food Doesn’t Just Taste Better — It’s Better for You

Think of the word “fresh.” What comes to your mind? Is it hot, smoking fajitas? Or do you...

Next Generation of Jobs for Chefs in St Louis Metro Area

11 May 2019

Please email for more information.

Sarefood is redefining food delivery service by creating the first ever digital storefront that connects chefs to local customers right here in...

3 Reasons to Indulge Your Comfort Food Cravings

08 May 2019

3 Reasons to Indulge Your Comfort Food Cravings

Comfort food. Delicious, simple, and terrifically satisfying. Recall the last hearty meal you enjoyed, one that filled you with sweet nostalgia of...

Families That Eat Together Stay Together — 3 Reasons to Dine as a Family

08 May 2019

 Families That Eat Together Stay Together — 3 Reasons to Dine as a Family

Thanks to family, we have the unconditional support and love of a select few (though unselected)...

Testimonial for Sare Food from Busy Working Mother

07 May 2019

As a working mother, life can certainly get a little hectic. Getting my kids to and from school while juggling two jobs is no easy task. One of the biggest...

9 Must Try Cuisines in the St Louis Community

02 May 2019

9 Must-Try Cuisines in the St. Louis Community

We owe a debt of gratitude to St. Louis. For out of this city many of the popular chains we’ve come to know...

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Time to Enjoy Fresh Tasty Food

02 May 2019

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Time to Enjoy Fresh, Tasty Food 

When you think about creating a high-quality meal at home, your mind likely jumps to some deterring expectations:...

Digital Storefront For Chefs and Customers in St Louis

27 Apr 2019

What Sets Sare Food Apart From The Competition?  

Sare Food is St. Louis’s premiere food delivery and weekly meals delivery service. Informed by a combination of research, strategic thinking,...

The ABC of Weekly Meals Delivery at SareFood

23 Apr 2019

At first glance, you might associate us as just another one of those meal delivery services that require you to subscribe to a specific number of meals...

Local Chefs Offer Food and Meal Delivery Service in St Louis

21 Apr 2019 is redefining food delivery as well as weekly meals delivery in St. Louis, MO. It isn't a grandiose statement, but it is 18 months of research, strategic thinking, and...

At SareFood You Can Customize Your Meals at NO Extra Charge

23 Mar 2019

At, we make all our meals to order. We do this for a couple of reasons: so everything is delivered fresh; and two, we want you to be...

Get Healthy and Affordable Prepared Meal Delivery In St Louis

04 Mar 2019 Food Delivery St. Louis

The Prepared Meal Delivery Service In St. Louis 

Introducing, the one and only prepared meal delivery service in St. Louis. You’ve heard of meal...

Is Keto Diet right for you

01 Mar 2019


The Keto Diet: Yes or No?

Written by Amy Burch, RD, LD


Anytime I am asked “Is this diet good for me?” I usually answer no. The Keto...

The Inspiration Behind SareFood

27 Feb 2019


I’m Vinny Sharma, the founder, and owner of, and you can say I’m a bit of a food snob. The idea for my business came to me after...

5 Ways Buying Food Has Changed In The Past Decade

02 Feb 2019


5 Ways That Food Buying Has Changed In The Past Decade

In today’s tech-obsessed society, it seems like everything is going online … and that includes...

At Sarefood We Have Comfort Food For Every Mood

29 Jan 2019


Sarefood Has Comfort Food For Every Mood


Asian cuisine features flavor-filled rice and noodle dishes. Indian food is full of spice and warm, rich curries. But...

The Ultimate Guide To Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners

27 Jan 2019

 “I don’t have time to cook dinner tonight…”


If you’ve ever muttered or even thought this sentiment, you’re certainly not alone! Here at SareFood, we understand that between careers,...

Is Buying Ready to Eat Meals Expensive

26 Jan 2019$11.99 for a shrink-wrapped package of organic chicken. $6 for a plastic container of greens. A few dollars here for some rice or potatoes, and a several...

Sarefood Offers Freshly Prepared Meals by Local Chefs

26 Jan 2019


Imagine a world in which you can leave work, pick up the kids, and arrive home to a wholesome, freshly prepared gourmet meal – made by the expert...

Learn About Indian Cuisine With Sarefood

22 Sep 2018

Author: Shibani Das 

Indian cuisine can be best described as a joyride of flavors. The conglomeration of spices, condiments, herbs, vegetables and even grains reflect a vibrant confluence of various...

Indian Street Food

22 Sep 2018

Author: Shibani Das 

The street food in India is an epicurean representation of the bustling streets, quaint colorful lanes, and gregariously warm crowds. The streets in this country can barely...

The unique opportunity for Chefs in St Louis

16 Sep 2018

For Chefs, is a game changer!

It is the one and only platform that is designed exclusively for chefs to show-case their culinary talent to the world....

Get Fresh Nutritious Food Delivery in St Louis with SareFood

17 Jul 2018

Take the guesswork out of dinner planning Food delivery near me is something many St. Louis, MO residents probably find themselves searching in the evenings. After a long, tiring day...

Find the Perfect Food for You and Your Family at SareFood

17 Jul 2018

www.sarefood.comFood delivery can help make dinner a breeze Food places that deliver near me can help busy St. Louis, MO residents make dinner a breeze. After working a...

A Foodie Food Delivery Service With Your Own Personal Chef

03 Jul 2018

Have you ever known what it is like to eat every meal on the go?  I mean never sit down to take a bite, just eat as you walk down...

Cook for SareFood Home Delivery Meals Service to Build Your Own Brand

03 Jul 2018

St. Louis based meal delivery service uses local chefs Chefs in St. Louis cook for home delivery service Sare Food. Sare Food delivers delicious and nutritious meals to St....

Get Nutritious Healthy Food Home Delivery Right At Your Home in St Louis

25 Jun 2018

In today’s wild goose chase, it is very difficult to stay healthy especially when you are always busy. Whether you are a daily office goer or run a business, preparing...

Build Your Brand at Sarefood Apply Now For Chef Jobs in St Louis

25 Jun 2018

If you are very much passionate about cooking and want to turn your passion into profession, then chef jobs in St. Louis are waiting for you. SareFood allows you to fulfill...

Food delivery near me

05 Jun 2018

Take the guesswork out of dinner planning Food delivery near me is something many St. Louis, MO residents probably find themselves searching in the evenings. After a long, tiring day...

Order Weekly Meals Online for Delivery in St Louis MO

07 May 2018

You can do almost anything online these days, including ordering food. Ordering food online is becoming a popular option for young professionals and families, and St. Louis locals are...

Prepared Meal Delivery Offers Healthy Meals for STL Families

07 May 2018


Imagine this scenario. It is 6 o’clock, the kids are hungry. You just got home from work and you have no idea what is for dinner. You should have ordered...

Now Hiring St Louis Chefs

07 May 2018

Build your brand by cooking for Sare Food St. Louis chefs make extra money cooking for Sare Food. Sare Food delivers delicious and nutritious meals to local...