Six healthiest breakfast foods to jumpstart your day

How many times have we been told that your breakfast is the most important meal of your day?


16 May 2021

Six healthiest breakfast foods to jumpstart your day


There is a saying that “Morning shows the day.” Likewise, a healthy breakfast shows the way towards a healthy lifestyle.


How many times have we been told that your breakfast is the most important meal of your day?


Well, it’s hardly a myth. Starting the day off with a nutritious, healthy breakfast has many health benefits. From reduced cravings to increased energy, a healthy breakfast can help jumpstart your day.


But not all breakfasts are good for you. The quality of the food you eat will decide how you feel for the rest of the day.


While some foods filled with fibers and proteins can keep you energized, others loaded with fat can make you feel bloated for the rest of the day.


What to eat then? Let’s take a look at the seven healthiest foods you need to have for your breakfast today.




Loaded with fibers, vitamins, and minerals, oats are one of the best breakfast options. Not only do they help with weight loss, but oats have also been shown to reduce cholesterol and heart disease.


However, there is one problem. Oats are boring and tasteless. If you are someone who hates bland breakfasts, oats are not for you.


Or are they?


At SareFood, we offer a wide variety of tasty and fulfilling oats dishes prepared by professional chefs. Please choose from our healthy delivery options and kickstart your mornings with SareFood.




The Ethiopians were onto something when they first discovered coffee. If you are looking to start your mornings on a high note, then coffee is perfect for you.


Not only does it keep you awake, alert, and in an excellent mood for the rest of the day, but its antioxidants keep your body in great shape.


So the next time you step out of your house, don’t forget to pour yourself a cup in the morning.




Ask anyone about their go-to food while in a rush, and they will answer boiled eggs. But eggs are so much more than they receive credit for.


Research has shown that eggs can reduce insulin level and blood sugar while keeping you full and reducing cravings in the process. And while eggs are thought to be high in cholesterol, new research has shown that these are, in fact, “good cholesterol” that are beneficial for your body.


Greek Yogurt


For centuries, yogurt has been considered a staple of a healthy diet. Known for its “good bacterias,” yogurt helps your gut stay healthy.


Greek yogurt takes it up a notch, offering many health benefits that you can count on. Not only does it reduce cravings and helps burn fat faster, but it also decreases the chances of getting breast cancer.


The best part? Greek yogurts are delicious, so you won’t have to compromise on the taste for your health.


Chia Seeds


We should warn you that these are not for the faint of the heart because they look like tadpole eggs. So, if you are someone who is grossed out easily, Chia Seeds are not for you.


But there is no denying the fact that they are one of the best ways to get fiber into your morning breakfast. The seeds absorb water in your digestive tract, keeping you full and helping you crush your weight loss goals.




Who doesn’t like bananas? It’s the most portable, convenient, and well-packaged way of getting your nutrients in one go.


Loading with Vitamin B-6, bananas trigger serotonin production that improves mood and reduces irritability. No wonder monkeys look happy all the time.


But there’s more. The soluble fibers help maintain your digestive health and can even reduce cholesterol.


Want to create the ultimate morning breakfast?


Mix some bananas with your oats and sprinkle a dash of chia seeds. Have it with your coffee, and you are ready to conquer the world.


But if you are planning to mix things up, we have your book.


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