Local Chefs Offer Food and Meal Delivery Service in St Louis

Local Chefs prepare fresh meals for St. Louis Families and Busy Professionals

Get Weekly Meal Delivery from Local Chefs in St Louis

21 Apr 2019

SareFood.com is redefining food delivery as well as weekly meals delivery in St. Louis, MO. It isn't a grandiose statement, but it is 18 months of research, strategic thinking, and investment.

We started by researching different meal and food delivery companies in the local as well as the national market. A few companies offered groceries and recipes but left the cooking on the customers, whereas others provided ready to eat meals but with a lot of throw-away packing, and of course limited portions, not enough for even one person.   Soon it dawned on us that the market needs to be redefined to give maximum value to the customers, and to drastically reduce the carbon footprint because at the end of the day we all must care of our planet, and leave it for our kids and their grandkids to enjoy.   After thinking through for several days, and brainstorming with a few experts, we decided to give local chefs a digital storefront to help St. Louis friends and families with freshly prepared, healthy food, right here. So, now St. Louisians can get various meal options by simply going online on SareFood.com, picking a chef they like, ordering from their menu, and getting the food delivered to their doorstep.   All the Chefs that you see on SareFood.com are St. Louis residents, they have been living here for several years, and some for several generations. They know what people here like, they are talented, and they have been in the food industry for several years and decades. So, who is best suited to feed you and your family? A national chain or a local chef? It is for you to decide.   Last but not least, St. Lous has been home for several innovative companies, and we are joining the band-wagon. We are proud to start in St. Louis, and we hope that we will grow nationwide, but we will never forget our roots.   So Go Cards and Go Blues!!