5 Ways Buying Food Has Changed In The Past Decade

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02 Feb 2019


5 Ways That Food Buying Has Changed In The Past Decade

In today’s tech-obsessed society, it seems like everything is going online … and that includes food-buying! Gone are the days when grocery stores and markets were the only options for picking up your dinner ingredients. Now, grocery delivery, meal kits, and curated specialty items are all the rage -- and of course, you can order it all online! Below, check out 5 ways that food buying has changed from just a decade or so ago, providing faster, more convenient options for people on-the-go.

1. Curated & Subscription Food-Buying Sites

In a day and age where you can buy just about anything online, food is no exception! In recent years, sites with curated products have begun cropping up, often specializing in healthy options, affordable brands, or both. And if logging on to a website is still too time-consuming, many companies offer subscription options, so your favorite items will just show up at your door; no extra clicks necessary.

2. Car Delivery Grocery Services

The “fast food” of grocery shopping, curbside services are now all the rage. Simply order your food online, head to the grocery store, and park in a designated spot -- often, an employee will bring everything out to you and you don’t even have to leave the car.

3. Prepared Home Cooking Kits

In the past few years, subscription-based home cooking kits have been cropping up. The fresh food arrives at your door, perfectly portioned for the accompanying recipe. This way, customers can have home cooked meals without having to put any effort into recipe-searching or grocery shopping.

4. Amazon’s Acquisition Of Whole Foods

Once a simple online bookseller, you can now buy just about everything on Amazon, including food. Since its acquisition of grocery store chain Whole Foods, this is truer than ever. You can pick and choose your Whole Foods groceries on the Amazon website, as well as reap money-saving rewards of being an Amazon Prime member.

5. Prepared Meal Delivery Services

Life is busy, and we know that many people don’t have time to cook. The idea behind Sarefood is simple: to offer the convenience of large-scale food delivery services while supporting the community. That’s because Sarefood is a local business, hiring hometown chefs and creating local supply-chains, right here in St. Louis. No factories or production facilities here; when you order fresh, home cooked meals from SareFood, you’re saving precious time while supporting your community.