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You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Time to Enjoy Fresh, Tasty Food


When you think about creating a high-quality meal at home, your mind likely jumps to some deterring expectations: a lengthy trip to the grocery store, expensive ingredients piling up the bill, tedious hours slaving in the kitchen, all to culminate in the savory reward of a fresh, delicious meal. Can you relate? You’re not alone.


Fortunately, wholesome meals don’t have to cost an arm, a leg, and your entire afternoon. We’re offering a radical new dining experience to the St. Louis community that’ll change the way you enjoy top-notch food forever. With SareFood, you can now relish the world of cuisine in your local community without revolving your entire life around food. We understand you’re busy but still want to provide nutritious meals for your family—that’s why we made this process simple and fast. Here’s how it works:


On Sunday, go to and select the meals you’d like for the week.


Sit back, relax, and go about your normal life.

Receive meals on your doorstep Wednesday and/or Saturday.

Enjoy freshly prepared, healthy food straight from the hands of St. Louis’ most talented chefs.

Rinse and repeat.


Easy, right? And, no, it’s not too good to be true. Food is important but so is the rest of your life—that why we’re on a mission to help you enjoy the best of both worlds.

What Will You Do With Your Newfound Free Time?

Not everyone loves to cook. We get it. But most everyone loves to eat. So why waste your precious time going through the drawn-out process if you just want to enjoy the sweet (or savory) prize at the end? Now, you can savor delicious food and avoid the part that eats up all your time: cooking.


On average, Americans spend 37 minutes every day preparing meals and cleaning up afterward. That’s more than four hours every week! Think about all the guilt-free pleasures you could be enjoying with a team of local chefs guaranteeing the health and satisfaction of your family. Sleep in, go on a family hike, binge-watch your favorite show, attend that afternoon yoga class you’ve been missing, or just enjoy a well-deserved nap. Weekends don’t have to be spent drafting a shopping list, milling about the busy store, and cooking away family time—with SareFood, you enjoy your life and good food.


We’re on your team. We want you to follow your passions and do what makes you happy, all while devouring meals that make you smile. For our local chefs, cooking is their passion. For you, it may be reading a book, building a business, or nurturing a family—whatever it may be, our mission is to bring you quality food to fuel your life and all its pursuits.


Ready to reclaim your valuable time and take the first step to a happier, healthier you? Order your first meal and experience firsthand the difference it’ll make for you, your family, and your tastebuds. Your newfound time is waiting for you.