Reshaunda Thornton, owner of BetterVessel Nutrition, is a consultant dietitian and author
who use her expertise in nutrition to empower and educate.

Her work involves consulting individuals by understanding their goals, life dynamics, and foods they eat to build a customized nutrition program that meets the individual's best interest. She also incorporates coaching to teach and guide individuals to not just follow a nutrition plan but learn how to incorporate it into their lives long-term.

As a former TEDx speaker, author of Play to Win Your Food Fight, and podcast host of The Dietitian Against Diets Podcast, her unique approach to nutrition is to teach how to balance life, how to build self-importance, and how to re-establish the relationship with food.

Texas native and fitness enthusiast, Reshaunda Thornton has received:

  • M.S. Human Nutrition – Human Performance
  • B.S. Nutrition & Dietetics
  • B.S. Biology (minor in Psychology)
  • Facebook: Reshaunda of Bettervessel
  • IG: reshaunda_bettervessel
  • Tedtalk: "Winning the Food Fight