Local Meal Delivery Service is better than National Brands

Order Prepared Meals from Local Chefs on SareFood.com and support local businesses.


31 Jan 2021

Reinventing the Meal Delivery Service


Meal delivery services have been revolutionizing the way people look at meals. In recent years, people have been choosing to get fresh cooked meals delivered to their home instead of dining out. This has especially amped up since the start of the pandemic as more people are trying to avoid shopping in-stores as much as possible. Consumers are still battling shortages of food at grocery stores and social distancing restrictions, making a trip to the grocery store less than ideal.


That is why more and more people are leaning on meal prep companies to make their lives easier. It’s important to look carefully into the different companies that offer these services before you choose where you want your meals to come from. Some meal prep and delivery services often use excessive packaging, don’t have a wide variety of cuisines or accommodations for certain diets, have small servings, and just overall lack fresh food.


With SareFood.com, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Serving St. Louis and surrounding areas, they provide a platform that offers patrons unique and healthy eating options, endorsing ethnic and homestyle food that is created with love and care by local chefs at honest prices. Here’s a breakdown of key reasons you should skip national brands and stay local. 

Local Economy


Keep your money where your heart lives, and support an economy of friends and neighbors. When you buy from independent, locally owned businesses, rather than national chains, a larger portion of your money is then cycled back through your community and increases the prosperity for the people around you. SareFood.com promotes local businesses and chefs, and provides a platform for food entrepreneurs who dream of starting their own business, or want to offer their services to a larger population.  


Environmentally Friendly


In terms of waste, meal prep services are much friendlier to the environment than grocery stores. A study published in the journal “Resources, Conservation and Recycling” found that the average meal sourced from a grocery store is responsible for 33% more greenhouse gas emissions than an equivalent dish from a meal kit.


Meal kits significantly cut down on food waste because each ingredient gets precisely measured. If you choose a recipe to cook from Pinterest, you will likely have to go to the grocery store and stock up on ingredients that you don’t use every day. Most of the time you will have to buy a full sized portion of the ingredient, and end up only using it once for that specific recipe.


Food waste affects the environment in multiple ways. All food production adds greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, and producing excess food uses unnecessary crop land, water and fertilizer. As food rots away in landfills, it produces more of the greenhouse gas methane. You’ll help reduce your carbon footprint when you have individual meals made for you, and can cut back on grocery store visits, that leads to buying extra food.


When you order from a national corporation, your food requires a lot of packaging to keep it safe and cold during transit. SareFood.coms cuts down on packaging needs since they have their own refrigerated truck that will deliver the freshly prepared meals right to your front door.


Larger Meals


When you cook for yourself, you can make as much food as you want. If you have a meal delivery service, the portions can be smaller than what you’d prefer as you have no control over it. SareFood.com makes sure you have hearty portions for the price you pay. 


Fresher Food


Although it’s tempting to eat packaged foods, there’s no way to know what’s been added. In fact, foods that have been frozen, bagged, or canned, have been enriched with chemicals and other additives such as hormones, dyes, artificial flavors, and sugars in order to prolong their shelf life. Consuming these makes it harder for a digestive system to work properly. That is a big reason why people get hungrier faster after eating a healthy meal.


Eating fresh food is the only way to ensure none of those unnecessary “extras” have been added. Produce loses its nutritional value over time, so the quicker it’s eaten, the more nutrients that can be gained from it. Plus it tastes better!


SareFood.com’s meals are always freshly prepared, using high-quality ingredients. You will never be served food that is made in factories or processing units, and they don’t use frozen or artificial products in any of their dishes.


No Subscription Requirements


Subscriptions are a hassle and box you into a specific weekly or monthly monetary requirement. We know now more than ever that people need flexibility. Maybe you don’t have the budget for meal services for the whole month, but you have a busy week coming up and having pre-cooked meals would be extremely helpful. With SareFood.com, you can choose whenever you want meals delivered, without having to remember to skip a week.


Variety of Meal Options


Everyone has different dietary needs, whether it’s for health reasons, or it’s just what you prefer. If you’re on Keto, low-sodium, trying to eat healthier, or prefer a gourmet meal, SareFood.com offers a wide variety of accommodations.


Since you can never predict what kind of mood your taste buds will be in, week to week you can choose from cuisines like Italian, Indian, American, Asian, Mexican, or Fusion. All the chefs on SareFood.com’s website have different specialities, making the meals one-of-a-kind.




SareFood.com offers high quality freshly prepared meals from local chefs and restaurants that you can’t compare to other meal services. They make it easy to fit into your lifestyle and budget.