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Get your weekly food cooked by local chefs

Food by Local Chefs Delivered to your Doorstep

25 Jun 2018

In today’s wild goose chase, it is very difficult to stay healthy especially when you are always busy. Whether you are a daily office goer or run a business, preparing meals after coming home from work or office is annoying. Though some prefer eating packaged food and the leftovers lying in the refrigerator, some prefer ordering food through online food delivery services. However, when it comes to getting quality and nutritiously valuable food, just a few food deliver services can be relied.

SareFood – offering freshly prepared foods complete with full nutritious value 

Ever since the concept of online food ordering has hit the shelves of food industries, a huge surge has been observed in the numbers of food delivery services. The primary aim of these services is to deliver food to those people who remain busy in their works and are unable to prepare food after reaching their home. 

If you are in search for an ideal way to eat freshly prepared meals without compromising quality or spending too much time at the grocery store, SareFood makes it possible for you to have healthy food from local chefs delivered to your homes. Our weekly food delivery service in St. Louis makes healthy food home delivery right at your home. Whether you are craving for Italian, Mexican, Greek, Indian, or another type of food, we have the widest variety of cuisines, perfectly suited for your health and taste. 

At SareFood, we bring to you chef-prepared delicious heat-and eat meals services with amazing doorstep home delivery service. Our freshly prepared meals are delivered with special shipping in refrigerated containers, thus locking the flavor and preventing the food from spoilage without any additives or preservatives. The entire menu that you find listed on the website is scripted by the handpicked professional chefs and is changed every week to provide you with a variety of options to the customers. 

So, do not let even the thought of cooking disturb your work. With our weekly food delivery service in St. Louis, you can schedule your meals for the entire week.

Get your weekly food cooked by local chefs

At SareFood, we allow you to choose from menus of nutritious food, planned and prepared with love by local chefs. The team of local chefs associated with us makes use of the freshest ingredients to prepare food for every residents looking for weekly food delivery service in St. Louis. Since we locally prepare your food, you need not worry about your food traveling across the country to reach you, losing its flavor and quality in the delivery process.

Thus, by placing your healthy food home delivery order through SareFood, you can rest assured that your meal was prepared with pride and love, and it contains all necessary nutritious ingredients that are beneficial not just for you but  for your  family’s health, as well.

Get fresh food delivered to your home

Meals prepared by chefs at SareFood make you feel the taste of your kitchen. It is delivered on Wednesday or Saturday each week. Placing order for healthy food home delivery with us is not just easy, but also gets you rid of the hassles of physically visiting us. You just need to browse through the weekly menu and select from various food options. Once you are done with it, you need to select the day (Saturday or Wednesday) on which you want your weekly food delivery service in St. Louis.. As you successfully place your order with SareFood, the team of local chefs starts making your meals, and makes its delivery exactly to your home. However, before starting to eat, you must follow the instructions your chef has given to heat it.