Is Buying Ready to Eat Meals Expensive


26 Jan 2019$11.99 for a shrink-wrapped package of organic chicken. $6 for a plastic container of greens. A few dollars here for some rice or potatoes, and a several more there for olive oil, spices, and the dishwasher detergent you ran out of last week. It’s easy to get overwhelmed watching the screen on the checkout lane tick up and up as the checker scans item after item required to cook even a simple dinner for the family. But no matter how high the dollar amount goes, it will never come close to measuring the true cost of putting a fresh, wholesome meal on the table. That cost – the cost of time – is something you just can’t quantify.


It’s infinitely more valuable, too. After racing out of the house, off to daycare, over to work, and back again, our biggest priority when we get home should be reconnecting with our loved ones, not worrying about chopping onions, washing greens, and whether we marinated the chicken long enough to make it palatable. Yet with both the desire and the pressure to provide a nutritious dinner for our families, we find ourselves focused more on the beeps and buzzes in the kitchen than on the chatter of our loved ones.


Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could enjoy a meal together without all that time and effort?


You can. SareFood’s new meal delivery program, was designed for the express purpose of making wholesome, delicious food available to your family without all the hassle of shopping, prep work and cooking. Much like having your own personal chef, connects you with a chef of your choice, from your own community, to collaborate on personalized, expertly prepared meals delivered either weekly or bi-weekly right into your home.


There’s no recipe research, trips to the store, or Instapot fan sites required – just an appetite for fresh, thoughtful food and a willingness to let yourself off the hook for this one part of the day so you can spend time enjoying food together rather than preparing it apart.


Go ahead. Let take care of your plates – so you will have more time to fill yours with what matters.