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25 Jun 2018

If you are very much passionate about cooking and want to turn your passion into profession, then chef jobs in St. Louis are waiting for you. SareFood allows you to fulfill your cooking dreams of starting your very own business without investing a dime. 

With us, you can start your own restaurant and serve deliciously nutritious meals to St. Louis local customers. Working as a passionate and professional chef in St. Louis with SareFood not only you become your own boss, but also decide your own menu and prices. That apart you can also take time off when you want to take time off.

At SareFood, we invite all talented and passionate cooks to impress customers by serving them with tasty, healthy and delicious meal services and create their own brand name.  We offer weekly meal services to our customers in order that they can enjoy the taste of healthy meal prepared in home-style by professional chefs. To meet our goal, we also offer Private Chef Jobs in St. Louis to make you part of our predefined goal.  Some of the key major benefits you will get as a working chef with SareFood are as follows:

  • Create your committed customer base by serving tasty and healthy food
  • Become your own boss and build your brand name in the food industry
  • Get delivery service from your location to the customer location
  • No need to spend any dime to open your own restaurant
  • Get online marketplace to connect with the customers
  • Get your business promoted without any investment 
  • Run your operations online without any hassle
  • Decide your own menu items and prices
  • Take time off by simply going offline

Eligibility to get Chef Jobs in St. Louis with SareFood In order to be eligible for chef jobs in St. Louis with SareFood, you need not have a lot of degrees and certificates; rather you need to go through the free-of-cost vetting process. When you have successfully cleared through the process, you are free to set up your own online shop. SareFood is only one of its kind online marketplaces, allowing chefs to build their brand name and earn money by running their own restaurant.  Chef’s key responsibilities

  • Prioritizing customers’ satisfaction while cooking, packing and labeling food
  • Maintaining clarity and transparency in communications with all parties 
  • Monitoring text, email and online communication with SareFood team
  • Purchasing high quality ingredients from local markets
  • Maintaining and monitoring the online marketplace
  • Providing promised quantity and variety of dishes
  • Carefully packaging the food with labels
  • Completing order before deadline
  • Paying attention on food safety
  • Preparing high quality food

At SareFood, we aim to deliver fresh, healthy and high quality meals to families in St. Louis using our hassle-free online ordering system. Our talented private Chefs in St. Louis prepare the nutritious valuable with love and pride. If you have got what we are looking for then contact us now and fulfill your dream to become a famous name in the food industry.