Now Hiring St Louis Chefs

Make Extra Money with Sarefood

Now Hiring Chefs in St. Louis

07 May 2018

Build your brand by cooking for Sare Food St. Louis chefs make extra money cooking for Sare Food. Sare Food delivers delicious and nutritious meals to local families. If you’re a new chef in the area or are looking for extra income, consider becoming a chef for Sare Food. Not only can you build your brand, but you get the freedom to create your own menu and set your own prices. Keep reading to learn more about Sare Food and what we require for our chefs.

Sare Food customers select their meals and order online Sare Food is an online meal delivery system for St. Louis, MO residents. Subscribers pick their meals from the provided menu and submit their order by Sunday evening. They can select to have their meals delivered to their homes either Wednesday or Saturday. Then, when they’re ready to eat, they simply follow the instructions to heat up their meal. 

Our chefs are expertly vetted before joining our online community St. Louis Chefs make extra money cooking for Sare Food. If you’re interested in becoming a Sare Chef, the first step is to apply. You’ll then need to complete our screening and vetting process. If we decide you’ll be a good fit for us, we’ll send you a contract to review and sign. Then, you’re all set to start your food business with Sare Food.  Not only do St. Louis Chefs make extra money cooking for Sare Food, but they also build their own brand. By cooking for Sare, you get the perks of running your own business, such as creating your own menu and setting your prices, without the costly overhead. Instead, we do all the work.

We provide the online marketplace and connect you with customers.  Our chefs are expected to prepare tasty, nutritious food by the due date. We take pride in providing our customers with food made from the freshest ingredients, and a little bit of love. You’ll also need to be sure you package your food and label it correctly, so the families receiving your meal are able to follow the instructions. You also must fulfill your orders accurately and keep your customers in mind when preparing food. 

St. Louis Chefs make extra money cooking St. Louis, MO based company Sare Foods delivers quality, fresh meals to families through an online ordering system. Our food is prepared by local chefs, which ensures our subscribers get the freshest food possible. St. Louis Chefs make extra money cooking for Sare Food while also growing their customer base. If you join us, you get all the perks of running your own business, but with none of the costly overhead traditionally associated with it. We’ll cover the online marketplace and bring customers to you.