9 Must Try Cuisines in the St Louis Community

St. Louis is a Big Deal!

Best Cuisines in St. Louis

02 May 2019

9 Must-Try Cuisines in the St. Louis Community

We owe a debt of gratitude to St. Louis. For out of this city many of the popular chains we’ve come to know and love were born: Panera Bread, Shake Shack, and even Anheuser-Busch. For over a century, this city has been cooking up a melting pot of cuisines to surprise and delight foodies and locals alike. Now, St. Louis is finally receiving the recognition it deserves. And it’s not just the local community chowing down what St. Louis is serving up — Yelp just placed the city No. 2 nationwide for food, second only to San Francisco.

This city isn’t just serving up soul-gratifying burgers and melt-in-your-mouth baguettes. Chefs young and old have infused their roots into their restaurants to prepare cuisines ranging far and wide. From the heartland of India to the deserts of Syria all the way to the coasts of France, you can’t find diverse, authentic cooking like this anywhere else. Whether you’re visiting the city or a resident looking to soak up the culture, we’re sharing 9 must-try cuisines that’ll forever forge your bond with St. Louis.

1. Thai

The flavors of Thailand are abundant in St. Louis, evidenced by the regional dish variations and spice levels that are downright dangerous (in a good way). You’ll recognize Thai cooking from its light dishes with powerful sweet-smelling components and flavors that pack a hot punch. In 2017, Thailand had more dishes on the World's 50 Best Foods list than any other country, flourishing seven world-wide beloved dishes. Missing a chance to experience authentic St. Louis Thai cuisine would be doing your tastebuds a disservice.

2. Lebanese

Lebanese chefs bring authentic food and traditional hospitality that is the trademark of Middle Eastern cuisine. From Lebanon's national dish, kibbeh, to the classic baba ghanoush, you won’t be disappointed with the carb-heavy style of cooking prevalent in this cuisine.

3. Indian

Whether you prefer a quiet, intimate meal or to eat your food surrounded by the sounds of the latest Bollywood film, St. Louis’ Indian restaurant scene will thrust you into the heart of the country’s culture. Butter chicken, samosas, naan bread — you name it, these Indian chefs make it.

4. Syrian

You may be surprised to know that some of your favorite everyday foods have roots in Syria. Hummus, shawarma, baklava, and many other Middle-Eastern dishes are a staple of the country, making it easy to step outside your comfort zone and experience the taste of Syria all around St. Louis.

5. Mexican

Mexican cuisine goes much deeper than your ordinary tacos, burritos, and tostadas. Expand your palette and experience the authentic taste of Mexico with pozole, mole, chilaquiles, and so much more.

6. Chinese

More and more authentic and noteworthy Chinese restaurants are making their way to The Gateway City, opening wide the eyes of anyone who thinks they know authentic Chinese cuisine. St. Louis chefs offer the real deal, a stark contrast to the sweet and sour chicken we’ve come to associate with traditional Chinese food.

7. French

A number of respectable French restaurants have made St. Louis their home, making the likes of escargot and scallop tartare available to the furtuitous locals. Although Panera Bread materialized out of St. Louis to spread across the United States, the level of French authenticity available in the city is incomparable.

8. Italian

Think you know Italian food? If scenes of pizza, breadsticks, and olive-oil-drenched salads coalesce in your mind, it’s time you experienced true Italian cooking. St. Louis chefs are serving up traditional dishes of arancini, prosciutto, saltimbocca, and more. If none of those dishes ring a bell, consider your curisoity an excuse to experience one of St. Louis’ finest cuisines.

9. American

What shouts “America!” louder than country-fried steak, spicy buffallo wings, and footlong hotdogs? In St. Louis, you’ll find chefs serving up American classics that’ll leave you feeling sorry for the rest of the 49 states. Ready to experience the best of what the land of the free has to offer? Don’t miss your chance to try St. Louis’ acclaimed American cuisine.

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