Don’t let the hustle and bustle keep you from feeding your family well

Affordable and Healthy


02 Nov 2019

The school year is in full swing and the holiday season is just around the corner. Suddenly time is speeding up, and no one has time to make dinner. Food delivery is obviously a growing industry, but it comes with a lot of challenges.


Doordash and Uber-eats can provide you with restaurant food, but you probably won’t be making the best choices for your health. And by the time you pay the steep delivery fee and tip you’ll likely find it’s unsustainable for a long term solution. If only there were a healthy and affordable option that gave this convenience.


Another option is meal kits. There is a plan for every diet under the sun, but those aren’t easy on the wallet either. And let's not forget you still have to prepare all the food and clean up after. The only time it’s saving you is in meal planning. And by the time you take all that packaging to the recycling center you’re breaking even. Not a great solution. If only there were a premade meal delivery service where the work was done for you.


Of course, Pizza is the old standby. It’s budget-friendly, but not figure friendly. It’s fast, compared to other options and a crowd-pleaser. While it’s a great treat now and then, also isn’t a long term solution. If only you could have affordable, crowd-pleasing, AND have variety.


Grocery stores are offering delivery service now to help busy families. While it might save you a trip across town, it’s not saving you time when it comes to meal preparation or clean-up. Do you ever wish you could have a chef in your kitchen to take the load off even for a few days? Well you can with is the answer you’re looking for.  Let’s talk about what they offer, restaurant-quality; Chef prepared meals, delivered to your door. You can choose your menu items by diet, chef or cooking style.  You can choose your chef; you can even customize items and speak to the very chef who’s going to be preparing your meals when needed. There are multiple Chefs to choose from, all offering a variety of specialty dishes and ever-expanding menus so you’ll never get burnt out. Your meals will be delivered with clear labels and with easy to follow heat and eat instructions. Heat and enjoy, no mess to clean up after.


You can order meals for yourself or others, even the whole office if you want. They also offer a variety of catering options, gift cards, and holiday specialties. You can’t go wrong with It’s the ultimate answer for pre-made weekly meal delivery in St. Louis.


Don’t let the hustle and bustle keep you from feeding your family well. Visit today and try us this week. You’ll find plenty of affordable, crowd-pleasing options for the whole family that are healthy and delicious. Place your order today!