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Eat Healthy With Sare Food

20 May 2019


 Are you trying to make healthier choices for yourself in 2019? Do you eat a special diet like Vegan, Keto, or Paleo? Are you gluten intolerant or diabetic and having a hard time finding out how to get the right foods in front of you at an affordable cost? Changing your lifestyle with food is one of the fastest ways to improve your health and your quality of life. Sare foods will not only help you get started on the right path, but it’ll help you stay the course.

Trying to stick to a specific diet can be more than a little challenging, not to mention time consuming, and expensive. Maybe you aren’t exactly a Chef in the kitchen. (Don’t worry you aren’t alone! In fact that's exactly why we are here.) If you’re new to a lifestyle diet like Keto, you’ve probably realized that if you don't shop wisely you can easily blow up your budget. Let’s face it, even if you’re cooking at home, it’s expensive to buy raw ingredients, and few of us have the time and patience to learn to meal plan and prep weekly. So you end up eating out constantly, your kitchen stays cleaner but your bank balance get smaller.

Let me guess, your friends are recommending a meal delivery service? While there are plenty of personalized meal delivery services out there, most of them have the same issues like bulky packaging, expensive mandatory subscriptions, and the vast majority of them still leave you doing most of the work. In the end you’re spending a lot of money on pre-measured ingredients but not really saving money or time. 

Sare Foods is something new. We offer personalized meal delivery (even diet food delivery) right here in St. Louis Missouri. No matter what dietary restrictions you have chances are there is a Chef at Sare that would be perfect for you. We offer a one of a kind meal delivery service where you log into our site, choose your chef, view their menu and select your meals. We do all the rest and deliver the food you want to your door. No subscriptions, no sink full of dishes, no food waste, just heat and eat healthy delicious locally prepared food.

With Sare we want you to order the food because you like it, not because you’re locked into some type of membership. That's why we go out of our way to offer the best personalized meals delivered in the St. Louis area. You’re also supporting your local economy and helping local Chefs build their business. We offer a diverse menu of foods including a variety of ethnic cuisines, so you’ll never be bored by the same cycling menus. We are constantly recruiting new chefs from right here in St. Louis so we can offer ever expanding choices. We even offer kids meals, desserts and event catering. Whatever your food needs are, Sare Food is here to help.

Why not place your first order today? Check us out at and start by selecting your chef according to your diet and budget. Within a few days you could take control of your diet, be eating chef prepared meals, and start getting healthier. You can stop the stress and chaos of meal prep once and for all, and improve your health and invest in your local community all at the same time. It's budget friendly, and there is no long term commitment so what do you have to lose? Check us out today, you won’t regret it!