A Foodie Food Delivery Service With Your Own Personal Chef

Sarefood Meal Delivery Service

03 Jul 2018

Have you ever known what it is like to eat every meal on the go?  I mean never sit down to take a bite, just eat as you walk down the hall, eat as you run to a meeting, shove some MnMs in your mouth as you head towards the office or snack on donuts in the middle of the night.  I do, and I know one thing for sure, this is not how I want my kids to eat.  I consider myself a “foodie”, at least on the weekends, even if I do love donuts.  

I hope my kiddos got the foodie gene.  I want them to sit down at a table and eat some healthy foods, some whole foods, something fresh and fabulous.  But if I can’t even get myself to eat that way, how possibly can I be a working woman and teach my kids healthy habits?   

But, as luck would have it, I crossed paths with an entrepreneur, a super guy with a grand plan that might just help me feed my kids.  Oh yes! A food delivery service, not just the standard food delivery service, but a “foodie” food delivery service with your own personal chef.  No joke, this exists! It’s called SareFood and I can choose my meals online from a gourmet chef: it is a gourmet food delivery service, right to your door.  A weekly food delivery service featuring local St. Louis Chefs from all the unique and different neighborhoods St. Louis has to offer.  

Recently my family ordered from Chef Mawda, a seriously delish (my favorite word, thank you Rachel Ray), chicken Shawarma, hot and sizzling and dripping with za’atar sauces full of Arabic spices like exotic cumins and cardamoms.  I wondered about Mawda’s journey to the United States, the strong woman that she is, she has taken the plunge and as a Syrian refugee has created a small business serving up the best of Syria to local St. Louisians.     

Now when I ask my husband at 9 o clock at night when I get home, “did the kids eat?” I won’t get the bowl of cereal answer.  I will get the best of the Middle East answer. “We had hummus, grilled halloumi with watermelon and basil-mint.  We had quince jam and pistachios or stuffed eggplant with garlic, walnuts and salt soaked in olive oil”.  And, believe me, the leftovers are just as delicious!  

Next week our foodie travels will take us to Italy, to the Hill in St. Louis, to oregano and basil and good health for all! Because a bowl of cereal and a donut just doesn’t do it for me and my family.  I can still be a successful, healthy working mom with healthy kids, a healthy husband and a super fat dog who gets to sit at our feet, lick up the droppings and dream of his Syrian doggie friends in a world far away. No more donuts for this family!