What are the 6 foods to kickstart your Keto diet as a beginner?

Ask anyone who has had a successful weight loss journey about their secret and half of them will say


10 Apr 2021


6 foods to kickstart your Keto diet as a beginner


Ask anyone who has had a successful weight loss journey about their secret and half of them will say it’s Keto.


The ketogenic diet is now all the rage in the world of fitness and a healthy lifestyle and everyone from actors to models are doing it.


So, what exactly is the Keto diet?


The Ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate and high-fat diet that offers a myriad of health benefits. 


From curing diabetes to preventing epilepsy and Alzheimer’s, Keto can help you take your first step towards a healthy lifestyle.


How does it work?


A lot of people will have you believe that the keto diet is rocket science. It’s not once you get the basics right.


When you are on Keto, you reduce your carbohydrate intake drastically by replacing it with fat. This puts the body in a state called Ketosis.


When this happens, the body burns fat very efficiently and releases ketones providing a range of health benefits.


How to get started?


The idea behind a Ketogenic diet is to consume less than 50 gms of carbs per day. Sounds challenging, doesn’t it?


It is if you are munching on junk frozen foods. But with the right diet, your keto journey should be a smooth sail.


Here is a list of healthy foods you can have.


1. Veggies, loads of it


Vegetables like every other low-carb diet form an integral part of keto as well. But wait.


Before you start diving into your next bowl of boiled potatoes, there is something we should clarify.


Keto only works if your vegetables are non-starchy and low in calories. This means that vegetables like asparagus, avocado, broccoli, kale, lettuce, and so on are excellent for your next keto platter.


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2.           Fishes and seafood


Seafood is excellent when it comes to weight-loss. Fishes like salmon, shrimp, and most crabs pack a punch of minerals and vitamins while being virtually carb-free.


In addition to this, fishes have been shown to improve cognitive health making them the perfect food for a healthy diet.


There is one small problem though.


Not every fish is carb-free. In fact, many different popular types of shellfish have a ton of carbohydrates that can put you off your weight-loss journey.


That is where we come in. Forget the hassle of sourcing and preparing your own meals when you get your food delivered from us.


Choose from a plethora of cuisines and lifestyle choices like keto and stay true to your fitness regime without lifting a finger.


3.            Say Cheese


Looks strange, doesn’t it? How can something so fulfilling help lose weight?


That’s the beauty of keto. You get to enjoy your favorite meals without compromising on a healthy lifestyle.


Cheese also helps your body retain its muscle mass so the next time you think about being stingy with the cheese, think again.


4.            Avocados


Avocados are truly the superheroes of the world of healthy foods. Loaded with a ton of vitamins, and potassium, avocados form the perfect ingredient for a successful keto diet.


There is one problem though. Avocados have an extremely short shelf life. They rot very easily and are a headache to store.


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5.            Lean Meat


Lean meat is devoid of carbs rich in vitamins and minerals. 


Other than being a great source of protein, it has a lot of fiber helping you feel full for long. 


Say no to the midnight cravings and stay true to your keto diet by having a fair share of lean meat on your menu.


Be careful of processed food though. A piece of fried chicken from a fast-food chain has 4 times the fat than an organic healthy prepared meal.


6.           Berries


While fruits aren’t essentially the perfect companion for your keto diet (being high in carbs), berries are an exception. 


Not only is it low in carbs but the antioxidants in berries can slow down the aging process protecting against a variety of diseases.



If you are tired of falling short on your weight-loss goals, it’s time to give Keto a try. 


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