Next Generation of Jobs for Chefs in St Louis Metro Area

Now Hiring Chefs in St. Louis

11 May 2019

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Sarefood is redefining food delivery service by creating the first ever digital storefront that connects chefs to local customers right here in St. Louis. We are currently expanding our reach and are looking for talented chefs in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. (We’re looking at you Edwardsville, Belleville and Collinsville!)  Are you a Personal Chef, a Private Chef or a Caterer? Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a dream of making a name for yourself or an established chef looking for an additional revenue stream, Sarefood provides a unique opportunity. Our chefs love working with us because we do the heavy lifting and let you do what you do best, focus on the food.

There are so many reasons people are drawn to this industry. For some it’s the respect that comes with the title or the lucrative opportunities it can provide. Maybe you’ve dreamed about making a name for yourself or maybe you come alive in the kitchen. It’s a great career with opportunities to develop skills, solve problems, and have a creative outlet. Some people are drawn to the flexibility of setting their own schedules and the variety of each day being different. However you got here, it didn’t come without effort.

Making a name for yourself in the food world is challenging. Most people work for years only to end up cooking under someone else's name. It’s tough to break through. There are so many obstacles like the overhead cost of running a commercial kitchen, maintaining expensive equipment, and facing fierce competition. Not to mention things like building a customer base or managing a staff, all while trying to get your name out there. It can be overwhelming, expensive, and exhausting. Usually the breakthrough takes years of hard work with little pay. What if there was a better way to build your brand, get your name out there, and cut down on overhead? What if you could just focus on the food?

You can with Sarefood. We are the first digital platform designed to benefit chefs by connecting them with their community. When you join the Sarefood’s team, we help you get started by setting up an online profile on our platform. Local customers will be able to see all the services you’d like to offer, then we add your menu and prices, (all determined by you, you even get to set your own schedule). Then when customers order your food, we pick it up and deliver it to them. We find that people thrive when they get to stay in their wheelhouse, so we let you do just that. You get to stay in the kitchen, you manage the food, we’ll handle the rest. We cut down the overhead by providing the platform, the advertising, packaging, and delivery. Our goal is to help talented chefs develop a loyal customer base, while providing our community with incredible food that enhances their life.

At Sarefood we are all about food and community. We invite you to join us as we help families to gather around the table. We’re passionate about our community, our chefs, and our food, and we’d love for you to join us. We are changing the home food delivery industry and you can be part of it. Contact us today and find out how you can join our team!

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