How to lose weight and not gain it back again?

Self-Discipline & Motivation to stay healthy!


19 Jan 2022


As paradoxical as it sounds, losing weight is the easy part; it is keeping those undesired pounds off for the rest of your life that is the problem. Most people end up gaining some (or even all) of the weight back which is, of course, discouraging for them. If you have decided to embark on the weight loss journey we will tell you what you need to keep in mind to avoid losing the results it took blood sweat and tears to achieve.


Subscribe to a fresh meals delivery service.


Not being to cook fresh meals every day is one of the major problems we face today; our busy lives simply won’t allow us to spend all that time in the kitchen. The best solution for this problem is to subscribe to a fresh meals delivery service. Let the professionals do all the cooking for you and you simply enjoy their delicious and healthy creations. The matter is even worse if you decide to go vegan. Many plant-based dishes go off faster and salads are no good unless they are fresh, so if you have a busy schedule and you decide to go vegetarian or vegan the fresh meals delivery service is essential for your weight loss journey.


Make a lifetime commitment.


Many people who want to lose weight view healthy eating as a temporary thing. In their opinion, once a certain period of restricting yourself is over you can go back to the old life. Needless to say, by going back to the old habits their waistline will be going back to its previous shape as well. If you want to keep off the pounds for a lifetime, then you should make a lifelong commitment to healthy eating. Patience is the key here. Instead of a quick diet that requires you to starve and harms your internal organs get ready to switch to balanced and healthy eating habits that you can keep up for a lifetime. The progress will be slower, but it will last forever.


Educate yourself.


You can’t make healthy choices and lose the pounds if you don’t know what’s in your food. This is why reading food labels is a crucial part of your weight loss journey. Take into consideration the calories, sugar content, carbohydrates, etc. Overall, to lose weight you need to feel full and burn more calories than you consume. A small piece of cheesecake contains about 1000 calories and it can't fill your stomach as much as a large bowl of salad which is far less calorific. You don’t need to always have your calculator app open and count every single calorie, just be mindful of what you have consumed throughout the day and make informed choices when eating or shopping for groceries. Or better yet, order fresh healthy meals from a meals delivery service. This way you can be sure that whatever you are eating is good for you and will help you achieve your final weight goal.


Plan your cheat meals.


Once you start eating clean having a cheat meal once in a while will do some good to your mental state (having a cheat day is a bit much, just one meal will do). When people try to cut out absolutely every unhealthy food they used to enjoy forever, it makes them tense. So, if they slip even once they get depressed about this slip-up and as a result, give up on their commitment to healthy eating. To avoid this disaster you need to plan your cheat meals. Knowing in advance that you can have a treat on special occasions and then go back to a healthy lifestyle will keep you on track. Ideally, you would increase your physical activity level the next day to burn off the excess calories as well.


The importance of portion control and timing.


Just because you have switched to healthy food does not mean that you can eat an extremely large amount of it; even fruit and vegetables have calories. So exercise portion control. Instead of snacking throughout the day try to eat at regular times; Put the food you are going to eat in one sitting in front of you and once you are done that’s it; don’t go for the second serving. It is OK if you still feel hungry after your meal. On average it takes the brain 20 minutes to receive the signal from the stomach that food has been consumed, so if you just wait for a little while you’ll see that soon the sense of hunger will go away and you will not have that uncomfortable sensation of being too full. Also, try to avoid eating late in the evening. People who fast for about 16 - 18 hours between dinner and breakfast lose weight faster; so no late-night trips to the fridge.


Drink a lot of water.


Sometimes or brain cannot differentiate between the sensations of hunger and thirst. So you might feel like you are hungry but in reality, your body might just be dehydrated. Everyone needs different amounts of water depending on their weight and the climate that they live in. Drinking sugar-free tea and coffee also counts (but avoid fruit juice and fizzy drinks as they contain sugar). If you drink more water your body will not send the wrong signals to your brain and also your stomach will be physically more full so you won’t be able to consume as much food.


Have breakfast every morning.


Skipping breakfast has unfortunately become a common thing nowadays, which is not good news for our weight. Studies have shown that having a healthy breakfast every morning dramatically increases your chances of losing weight and then keeping it off.


Find like-minded individuals.


Losing weight alone is no fun, especially when most people at your local gym seem to be ahead of you in their weight loss journey. To avoid this feeling you can go online and find like-minded individuals who have decided to make the same commitment as you. Being in the same boat as them will awaken a sense of responsibility within you and motivate you to stick to healthy habits. But this can be a double-edged sword; don’t compare your progress to that of others. If someone loses the pounds slightly faster than you do, don't feel discouraged and don’t give up. Remember that everyone's body has a different metabolic rate, and since you have made a lifelong commitment to healthy living you will get to your goal weight sooner or later.


These are some of the tips that will help you shed the pounds and keep them off for good. Overall, food is the factor that has the biggest influence on your weight, and subscribing to the best healthy meals delivery service in St. Louis will solve this problem.