6 foods that can help you lose weight fast

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23 Feb 2021

 6 foods that can help you lose weight fast


Ask the average American about their New Year’s Resolution and chances are that weight loss will make it to that list. It’s not surprising. With over 35% of the population suffering from obesity, few make it across the finish line with their weight-loss goals.


Why do so many people fail to achieve their fitness goals? Is working out enough?


No. There’s a saying that goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen”. So, whether you are looking to shed a few pounds or get that perfect summer body, the first thing you need to rectify is your diet.


While most weight-loss intensive plans like Keto can be overkill for a lot of us, other small dietary changes can help you tick off your weight loss goals.


So without further ado, here are the top 8 foods that can help you boost your weight-loss journey.


Fatty Fish


Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore the weight-loss benefit of a nice piece of salmon or some sardines.


Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, fishes can help you lose weight by keeping your hunger and cravings in check. 


The problem? Preparing a fish can be a nightmare. If you are someone who can’t stand the oceany smell of fish, then your best bet is to order it from outside.


That is where we come in. At SareFood, we deliver fresh meals right to your doorstep. Give the home-chef in you some rest when you order from SareFood.




Fruits are an excellent addition to any health plan. But some are loaded with carbs that can set you back on your diet goals.


Not apples though. This super-portable snack goes great on its own, with salads, or in a delicious smoothie all the while being super low on calories.


The fibers make you feel full for a long time helping with the cravings that strike in the middle of the day.




There’s no doubt that nuts are great for you. But leading the rally is this shelled wonder.


Pistachios are loaded with fibers and have been shown significant promise when it comes to weight loss. Not only does it promote mindful eating being difficult to unshell but it also controls cholesterol reducing the chances of heart disease.


Add to that the fact that they are great for your gut and you are looking at a dietary force to be reckoned with.


Dark Chocolate


All chocolates are not created equally. While others have a lot of sugar in them making you feel bloated, dark chocolate is an indulgence that will help you lose weight.


However, when it comes to chocolates, moderation is the rule of thumb. But taken in small servings, it can help reduce cravings and pangs of hunger keeping you on track with your weight-loss plan.




When Jack was climbing up the beanstalk, was he trying to lose weight too?


We might never find out but not much has changed. Beans remain as a food of choice for someone looking to lose weight.


Not only does the fiber help you control your cravings but the low-calorie and high protein content let you munch up without adding to your waistline.


But having beans every day can get repetitive. So lay the home-chef crown to rest for a day and order freshly prepared meals from SareFood. We give you the flexibility of a diverse menu from professional chefs with the health benefits of a home-cooked meal.




Don’t confuse this with the ones you get in movies that come with enough butter to make your heart stop.


But home-made popcorns drizzled with some pepper and lemon can make for an amazing and healthy evening snack. 


A tub of popcorn is mostly air so forget about the calories. It comes loaded with fibers helping you control your cravings and the protein in it keeps you fuller for longer.


Give this excellent weight-loss snack a chance and lose weight while binging on your favorite movie.




It is no surprise that a nut made it to this list. Almonds are so high in proteins and fibers that they are considered a staple for any weight-loss diet.


The best part? You can have it anywhere. Just pop a few in every time you feel hungry and say goodbye to those cravings.




Weight-loss is hardly a thing that happens overnight which is why we are here with you every step of the way.


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