Who are the Sare Foods Chefs?

Prepared Meals from Local Chefs


04 Dec 2020


Who are the Sare Foods Chefs?

At Sare Foods, we are proud of the quality of all of our meals, made here in St. Louis by local chefs.

Let’s look at who some of our chefs are, how we choose the chefs, and some of the things that go into how they choose and prepare their meals. 

The Chefs of Sare Foods

At Sare Foods we take our food seriously. That means we want to work with the best chefs we can find.

Some of the chefs we work with have been in the food business for several decades. For instance, some of our chefs, including Tony Valenti, Tom Russo, Viviano’s Festa Italiano, and Callier’s Chef Jeremy & Sean, have catering kitchens and staff working for them. 

Some of our other chefs, including Food.biz, Chef Elicia, Chef Tee, Chef B, and Chef Bryan, are more like personal chefs. While their food is the same quality as the bigger chefs, their operations are much smaller in size and they do much of everything on their own. 

Finally, we have partnerships with a few small restaurants such as Bombay Food, Delhi Chat, and Haveli. 

Our platform offers a way for chefs to reach hundreds and thousands of people, which helps them expand their businesses. Some of the chefs also benefit from our meals-delivery service, which might not have been an option for some of them otherwise. Both of these benefit chefs at a time when restaurants and catering businesses are feeling the pinch of pandemic closures and more people needing to eat at home. 

How We Ensure Quality Meals

We work hard to find chefs that work well with our business model and can produce quality food week after week.

We won’t consider chefs that offer greasy food or foods that are far into the unhealthy spectrum. Instead, we work with caterers, restaurant owners, and personal chefs who can prepare quality, healthy food. Some of our offerings include authentic ethnic cuisine, while others are gourmet versions of comfort food. We also have chefs who prepare keto or other healthy options. 

Some recent entrees our chefs have offered include Chicken Tikka Masala, Coq au Vin, Dijon Chicken with Pomegranate, and Boneless Beef Short Rib Burritos. We also have bakers who provide cakes, pies, cheesecakes, and other delicious sweet treats. We even offer wine delivery (Missouri only).

To ensure quality, the owner of Sare Foods personally meets with all of our chefs and even orders from Sare Foods himself, choosing the company’s meals to feed his family. That way he knows if any chef is not meeting his high standards. To ensure standard portion control and packaging, we provide meal containers to the chefs. Preparing quality food is the chef's responsibility. Providing the platform, packing material, pickup, and delivery is our responsibility.

The company also regularly reaches out to customers for their feedback and addresses any issues that arise as quickly as possible.

How Chefs Choose and Prepare Their Meals

Our chefs are independent contractors. While we expect a high quality of food from them, because they are not employees, they have considerable freedom in choosing their menus and their providers. We do encourage purchasing from local farmers and producers, both to ensure fresh quality ingredients and to support our local community, and many of our chefs choose to do so.

We expect chefs to publish a menu that reflects their specialty. They can choose to list as few or as many items as they like, as long as it is quality food and it is within their core specialty. 

Each chef prepares food in their own professional kitchen that meets all certifications and safety requirements. Because they receive orders at least a day and a half before delivery, some of our chefs buy ingredients only when they get an order, saving them money and avoiding the waste that comes from operating a traditional restaurant. They can also prepare the meals when it isn’t their peak time. 

Are You Hungry Yet?

We are so proud of our chefs and the hard work they put in, week after week, to prepare delicious food for people in the St. Louis metro area. 

If you haven’t ordered from Sare Food yet, why not give us a try? You have nothing to lose but your hunger pangs!