Sarefood Offers Freshly Prepared Meals by Local Chefs

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Fresh Meals Prepared by Local Chefs

26 Jan 2019


Imagine a world in which you can leave work, pick up the kids, and arrive home to a wholesome, freshly prepared gourmet meal – made by the expert hands of your own personal chef.


Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? At SareFood, we are in the business of making dreams reality, one delicious dinner at a time.


We believe that everyone should have access to fresh, nutritious food, no matter their means, schedule, or culinary skill. We also understand that it’s hard to prepare meals each night. In our always-on, frenetic lives, dinnertime can become just one more thing on our never-ending to-do lists.


The difference between the idealized way we want to eat and the way we actually do can be so stark, it’s enough to make us throw up our hands and head to the nearest drive-through. Busy families don’t grab bags of burgers because that’s how they want to eat; they simply feel that they have no other option within their means and schedules.


That’s where we come in. Our new meal delivery program makes your dream dinner a reality. We’ll partner you with a chef from your own community, matched with you based on your unique food style and preferences. We’ll then facilitate weekly delivery of nutritious, freshly cooked meals to your home that will get you through the week.


There’s no grocery shopping, no marinating, no chopping, no prep work – it’s just you and your family enjoying mouth-watering food in the comfort of your own home with none of the stress involved in doing it yourself. is not meal kit. We’re not a fancied-up delivery service. We are a way by which families can connect with local chefs to collaborate on personalized, expertly prepared food that feels like it’s right out of the home kitchen – just with none of the work. Simply pick a chef, order from them on a weekly basis, then sit back and enjoy a nutritious, homestyle meal.


And it gets even better. Because connects our customers with chefs from their own communities, we are also promoting local businesses, chefs, products, and ethnic cuisines. In other words, that delightful meal doesn’t just feed your family. It helps aspiring culinary entrepreneurs realize their dreams of starting their own business, building up the food culture of the local community. 



So, go on and keep dreaming about that perfect dinner – only this time, when you wake up, you’ll have a delicious meal waiting there for you.