Weekly Meals for Senior Citizens

Meal Planning With You in Mind


19 Jul 2019

Healthy Meals for the Elderly in Your Life

Nothing says, “I love you,” more than a healthy, nutritious lifestyle with fresh homestyle food. Provide delicious, ready-to-eat meals to the seniors in your life and give them the nourishment they need without the hassle. You do enough already—hand off the food chore to us.

Custom Meals to Please Even the Pickiest Eaters

Whether your senior is gluten-free, lactose intolerant, vegan, or just downright picky, you can modify any dish however you’d like to satisfy their needs and unique appetite. We have a number of cuisines and chefs to choose from you, so you can stick to the basics or spice things up a bit—whatever they’re in the mood for.

Customized Meals Prepared With a Personal Touch

One-size-fits-all meals don’t work for everyone. We believe food is personal, and the individual above the plate is just as important as the chef behind the kitchen. That’s why all our meals are 100% customizable. Want to get to know the chef preparing meals for your loved ones? Perfect! We’ll even arrange a phone call for you to meet the man or woman behind the apron who’s preparing your meals week after week.

Need Help? Talk to a Chef

Throughout the various stages in life, our body’s nutritional demands evolve and change. The elderly in your life need different food than the children, but it’s hard to nail the right nutritionally rich and proportion-accurate meals for everyone. Let us help. Talk to a chef one-on-one and work with them to build the perfect menu for the loved ones in your life. It’s like having a personal chef—without the outrageous cost or middle man.

Weekly Meals Made Simple and Easy

Struggling to cook for your family while ensuring the seniors in your life get the nutrition and sustenance they need, too? Our weekly meals save you time and money while delivering wholesome, healthy food that’s downright delicious. Chefs do the cooking, your loved ones do the eating—no slicing, dicing, prepping, or cleaning. Just ready-to-eat meals easy to reheat and devour. You deserve a break—give SareFood a try.

Meal Planning With You in Mind

We make meal planning simple and easy. No subscriptions, no hidden fees, no surprises. Our meals are healthy, delicious, and much cheaper than what you’d find at a restaurant. So, order a meal here or there, or get a whole week’s worth delivered. Whatever works best for you and your crazy schedule. You have enough logistics to juggle—let us help.

Top-Notch Food Your Seniors Deserve

Fresh, never frozen. That’s our guarantee. Every meal is prepared by local chefs in St. Louis with authentic ingredients fresh from the market. That’s why we’ll only deliver within a 50-mile radius of the city—to ensure you never get less than the best. Wholesome, nutritious, and downright delicious—that’s the food your loved ones deserve.