Soul Food Delivery in St Louis

Hungry For a Taste Of Home?

Soul Food Delivery in St Louis

11 Jun 2019

Hungry For a Taste Of Home.

Are you hungry for something special? Not your average supper but something that makes you think of home. Something that tastes like what mom used to make? Search no further Chef Elicia is here to make your soul food dreams come true. Have you noticed a lack of Soul Food Places in St. Louis? Or maybe you’ve even searched for fried chicken delivery in St. Louis. (Perhaps something that is a step above drive through?) is here for you. specializes in delicious Chef prepared meals delivered to your door, including Soul Food. If you’re unfamiliar with soul food, most people think of things like catfish or fried chicken. Soul Food has its roots in the south but is enjoyed by folks all over. Whether you’re looking for Catfish, Collard Greens, or Baked Mac and Cheese Chef Elicia has you covered. (Yes, baked mac and cheese. It’s a thing, and if you haven’t had it you haven’t lived. You think we’re being overdramatic? Order it and let us know what you think in the comments.)


Soul food is all about slow cooking and adding layers of flavors. It’s foods that come together slowly. Soul food is the kind of food you eat slow and savor. It leads to lingering at the kitchen table a little longer. When was the last time you sat down as a family to eat and no one rushed away as soon as they finished eating? If it’s been a while maybe Elicia is the Chef for you. She makes the kind of food that makes you feel at home, even if it’s not the food you grew up on.


Why Chef Elicia? Chef Elicia has been cooking all her life, she started out with her grandma when she was just a kid, and as she grew up it became a passion to feed those she loved. Eventually she left a career in social work to pursue her dream of feeding people well. Although she specializes in mouth watering southern goodness, she offers a wide variety of dishes. Including kids meals, keto, low carb and paleo meals. In true southern fashion she offers something for everyone, no one is allowed to go home hungry. Elicia isn’t one to brag but her long list of 5 star reviews is all you need to become a believer. (Or one bite of the Baked Mac and Cheese.) Her food does not disappoint, whether you just need a few quick heat and eat suppers for your family, or you’re feeding a crowd Chef Elicia has you covered.


Although she specializes in Southern cooking her full menu shows the diversity of her skills as a chef. She offers a wide array of salads, like the Berry Blast, which is especially popular this time of year. Pizza, even Keto Pizza, and kid friendly options. And no southern menu would be complete without dessert and Chef Elicia’s is no acception. She makes the BEST cookies, and you can choose from all your favorites like chocolate chip, snicker doodle or peanut butter. (Pro-tip, however many your considering ordering, double it. Because once people smell these cookies, you’re going to be fighting them off)


Is your stomach starting to growl? Don’t wait any longer, click on “weekly meals” at the top of the page and you’ll see Chef Elicia. Click on her profile and you’ll be able to view her entire menu. Then just follow the steps as you fill your cart and we will get those meals delivered to your door ready to heat and eat. Guaranteed to feed your stomach and your soul. You won’t regret it.