Menu Ideas for Holiday Parties

Easy DIY Holiday Favorites


19 Oct 2021

Holiday party foods.



Holidays are a time for joy and relaxation. But many Americans also take it upon themselves to host a holiday party for their friends and family members which can be quite stressful. One of the main aspects of the party every guest is looking forward to is the food. If the food is bad it can spoil everyone’s mood. This is why more and more people in St Louis (and the USA in general) are choosing to entrust this vital part of their soiree to professionals. Meal delivery services have soared in popularity, and why wouldn’t they? A professional meals delivery service prepares all of your favorite dishes and delivers them right to your doorstep, all that is left for you and your guests to do is enjoy the fruits of their labor.

So, let’s see what types of party foods you can have delivered (or, if you have time and patience, cook yourself) this holiday season.


Ham and cheese pinwheels.

Are there any two ingredients that go together so well as ham and cheese do? We don’t think so. And this one is quite easy to make too. Just spread out some sheets of ham and your favorite cheese on a sheet of puff pastry, roll it up and cut it into slices. Bake the slices until golden brown and top with some more cheese and finely chopped green onions. Delicious!


Cheese balls.

No, we are not talking about the small orange balls you can buy at the supermarket. This large cheese ball is made with a soft creamy cheese like ricotta or goat cheese. All you need to finely chop some of your favorite herbs (parsley, chives, thyme, etc) and mix them into the cheese. Form a ball shape and put it in the fridge to firm up. Toast some pine nuts, almond slices, peanuts, sunflower seeds, or crush some walnuts and roll your cheeseball in the nut pieces until evenly coated and serve with some crackers.


Food on skewers.

What did people do before the small wooden skewers were invented? They truly are any party host’s best friend. You can put almost any combination of ingredients on skewers, either sweet or sour. Our favorite combos are mozzarella, cherry tomato, bread, and sausage (bite-size pieces, of course); pork, pickle, and bread; and on the sweet side strawberry, kiwi and banana. Serve with the dipping sauces of your choice to enhance the flavor. If you are unsure what goes best with what, just have the best meals delivery service in St Louis do the job for you.


Guacamole and salsa.

These Mexican classics have firmly established themselves in most Americans’ lives. Guacamole is especially popular during gatherings. This delicious and versatile sauce can be served with crackers, chips, raw vegetables, etc. The same can be said about salsa. This is why these two sauces are so popular among party hosts. And, have we mentioned how delicious they are? There are many recipes on the web, but you can have yours delivered with the rest of the party food by the meals delivery service.


Pigs in blankets.

Pigs in blankets are probably one of the easiest party foods to make (which is one of the reasons it is so popular). If you have some pastry dough in your freezer, some hot dogs in your fridge, and a working oven your guests will have some tasty piggies to nibble on. To make the experience even more enjoyable serve them with the dipping sauce of your choice. Homemade - if you have the time, store-bought (is not ideal but will do in a pinch), or just have both P.I.B. and the sauce delivered to your door by the meals delivery service.


Holiday cheese board.

And last but not least, every party, holiday or otherwise, feels incomplete without a cheeseboard. To make it you need... you guessed it, some cheese and a wooden board. What kind of cheese to serve is totally up to you, but try to have a variety of hard and soft ones to make sure all of your guests are happy. Toasted bread slices, veggies, and chips are all great for delivering the cheese to your mouth. And you can also serve some nuts and fruit to add extra flavor.


Panko shrimp.

Shrimp cocktail is a classic party dish but in the 21st century, it seems a bit outdated. But don’t worry! Party lovers have found another way to enjoy this delicious sea creature. Try coating them in some bread crumbs and frying them; serve with cocktail sauce. Cooking shrimp is a bit tricky; it can overcook rather quickly and become very tough. If you are a new cook better stay on the safe side and have yours delivered by the holiday meals delivery service.



Italians know how to throw a good party and it is them we have to thank for inventing crostini, small slices of grilled bread topped with whatever goes well with bread (which is most things). Hard cheese, soft cheese, hummus, caramelized vegetables, fresh vegetables, chocolate sauce, and strawberries (?) why not! Indeed, you are only limited by your imagination here. You can make several different varieties for your meat-loving, vegetarian, and vegan guests.


Spanakopita bites.

We can't visit Italians and not take a quick look at Greece. Spanakopita is traditionally made in a large deep dish but there is no law against wrapping some sautéed spinach and some feta in a small sheet of filo pastry and baking bite-size spanakopitas. Filo and feta are sold at most supermarkets and preparing spinach will take around 10 minutes. Your vegetarian guests will definitely appreciate the effort.


Tortilla pinwheels.

Having a bag of tortillas in your freezer is always handy for spontaneous get-togethers. Just spread some cream cheese on your tortilla, top with some bacon (or thinly sliced sausage of your choice) and sprinkle with chives; roll it up and slice. You can secure the pinwheels with toothpicks to make sure that they don’t unfurl. The best thing about this dish is that you can make it several hours ahead of time and just slice it up 10 minutes before your guests arrive.


These are some easy holiday party dishes that will definitely leave your guests pleased they came to your party. Even the vegans will leave full. But if you want to surprise your guests with some exotic variations of the dishes listed above then you can subscribe to the best holiday meals delivery service in St. Louis and let the professional chefs do the work for you. You just relax and accept your guests’ compliments.