The best fresh meal delivery service for the caregivers of elderly parents

Many of the elderly are unable to tackle the tiresome task of cooking at an advanced age...


18 Mar 2022 - the best fresh meal delivery service for the caregivers of elderly parents.

As our parents get older, they naturally become unable to take care of themselves as well as they used to. So, it is our responsibility to make sure that our elderly moms and dads are well taken care of. And perhaps the most important part of this new role of ours is making sure that they have access to healthy and nutritious meals on daily basis.

Many of the elderly are unable to tackle the tiresome task of cooking at an advanced age, and their children can’t take on this responsibility either (due to lack of time, living far away, or a variety of other reasons). So, what can we do to make sure our parents are well-fed and remain healthy for as long as possible? The answer is obvious – a fresh meals delivery service! Whether you are in St. Louis or not, you can always provide good meals to your elderly parents through local chefs only on And the best thing about it is that having these gourmet meals cooked by professional chefs and having deliver them to your elderly parents' doorstep is remarkably affordable! Now, wherever you are in the world, you can put your mind at ease knowing that your elderly parent is enjoying these scrumptious meals.

Ordering fresh meals from could not be easier.

Ordering fresh meals from is the easiest thing in the world! You can either go online or call us and talk to a real person. If you go for the online option, you’ll start out by choosing dishes from our vast menu, adding your chosen meals to the shopping cart, selecting delivery date and time, and that’s it! At we pride ourselves on the reliability of our delivery service, so you can be certain that the meal will be delivered to your elderly parent at the time of your choosing. has already become an inseparable part of life for many elderly residents of St. Louis and their caregivers. Once your parents get acquainted with the dishes, they can even start ordering by themselves. As we have said there is a real person handling all the phone calls, so they do not need to be tech-savvy to get access to our delivery service.

Choosing meals from a vast menu never gets boring or repetitive.

Whatever your elderly parents taste in the food we are confident that we can satisfy it. We deliver dishes from both American and international restaurants (Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, etc.) so even if your parents are the pickiest eaters in the world, we can find something that will please them.

Healthy choices for our elderly parents with dietary restrictions.

Proper nutrition is of paramount importance to the immune system of elderly people. Therefore, caregivers flock to our website; they want to extend their loved ones’ lifetime by making sure they eat healthy and balanced meals every day.

Also, as we get older our digestive system’s health becomes compromised and we are unable to consume certain substances. Whatever your elderly parent’s dietary restriction might be you will be able to find a restaurant that will provide delicious meals for them on Dairy intolerance is most common among the elderly. Most doctors even tell us straight to stop consuming any sort of dairy as we age. Now, with you do not have to worry about your elderly parents’ dairy problem anymore, you can just browse in the “dairy-free” section of our website.

Diabetes is another common ailment that gets worse as old age sets in. If your parents are diabetic, they need to watch what they eat and makes this task extremely easy. There is a misconception that the sort of food diabetics can eat is boring; proves that this is far from the truth. Just click on the “diabetic friendly” section and choose from dozens of healthy and scrumptious dishes.

Another common order doctors frequently give out is to lose weight. Usually, this is not so easy to do, especially for the elderly. As people get older their metabolic rate naturally slows down, so losing even just a few pounds becomes a herculean task... unless you know about We help the elderly keep to their diet and achieve their ideal weight goals by connecting them with local chefs that cook Keto and low-carb meals.

And there are options for plant-based and protein-rich meals too, as well as some others.

Sweet treats for special occasions.

Most family members nowadays are scattered to all four corners of the country, but if you have an elderly parent living in St. Louis and their special day (such as birthday, anniversary, etc.) is coming up, you can order them a sweet treat to commemorate the occasion. There are various tasty desserts to choose from, such as classic American pumpkin pie, coconut cream pie, apple pie, carrot cake, chocolate cheesecake, and many more. So, even if you live hundreds of miles away from your elderly parents with the help of modern technology and you can still share their special day with them and surprise them with a mouth-watering sweet treat. 

Sign up for meal delivery plans to save even more!

Even if you decide to order meals for your elderly parents quite frequently you still won’t break the bank. We ran the numbers and considering the rising cost of ingredients and the time you have to put into cooking, many of the meals on the site cost just as much (or even cheaper) than the home-cooked versions.

But if you want your elderly parents to have continuous access to fresh and nutritious food then the best way to save even more money on meal delivery is to get a meal subscription. If you pick the “8 meals per week” option, you will have to pay only 12.50 for each delicious gourmet dish. BBQ pork steak, Caesar salad with chicken, and honey glazed ham with scallop potatoes are just some of the scrumptious dishes you can choose in this meal plan. 10 meals per week will cost you 11.50 each, 12 meals per week is 11.25 and, lastly, 14 meals per week will cost just $11 each.



So, if you want your elderly parent lives in St. Louis and you want them to have access to fresh delicious, and healthy meals every day at an affordable price, now you can do that with  You can also pleasantly surprise your elderly parents with various delectable, sweet treats on their special days. Whether you are an active caregiver for an elderly parent or want to strengthen your bond with an elderly relative/friend you can’t go wrong with