Top meal trends in 2021

Let’s have a look at them together and see if you will follow either of them.


30 Aug 2021


Top meal trends in 2021

Food trends throughout the world have been changing from one year to another for as long as food has existed and the year 2021 is no exception. Of course, predicting food trends in the beginning of the year can be quite difficult however today we can see confidently what major food trends of 2021 are. So let’s have a look at them together and see if you will follow either of them.


Pantry meals.

A child of the quarantine and having too much time on one’s hand's pantry meals have been dominating the world for more than a year now. Simply put, it means cooking with whatever you already have in your pantry. Just use your imagination and improvise. Not only does this save money but it also reduces food waste and depending on the kind of ingredients you have in your pantry it can be healthier as well.


Vegetarianism and veganism.

While being a vegan or vegetarian is hardly a new trend the number of people who choose this type of lifestyle has definitely increased in the past year. The lockdown has caused us all to consider the effect of food on our physical and mental well-being as well as the impact the ingredients have on our environment. As a result millions of people have given up animal products in an effort to lead healthier lives. However, if you are not ready to make a full commitment to either vegetarianism or veganism you can become what is known as flexitarian. This means that meat becomes an occasional treat in your life instead of a regular fixture. In fact, being a flexitarian is one of the biggest food trends for 2021.


Cutting out carbs.

The Keto diet has shown us the benefits of a low carb lifestyle so as a result of all the wonderful post-Keto pictures you saw on Instagram millions of people are seeking out carb alternatives. The movement is being led by the humble cauliflower which can be used to make a pizza crust, gnocchi, or even serve as an alternative to rice. So you can still indulge in your favorite dishes except now they are much healthier for you.


Take-out and ready meals.

Unfortunately, the number of take-out meals purchased all over the world has been on the rise ever since the pandemic began however for those who are conscious of their health but still want the convenience of somebody else cooking for you there are healthy ready meals. They are just as easy to buy online but unlike fast food, they are cooked with care from fresh ingredients and are full of nutrients.


Low waste food.

People are becoming more and more concerned about climate change and they are making an effort to reduce their food-related waste and make better purchasing decisions. And the market has met the demand by coming up with some low waste or even zero waste alternatives thus creating one of the biggest food trends of 2021.

Purchasing low waste foods means reducing all the unnecessary packaging (by shopping at special low waste supermarkets) or composting the leftover ingredients instead of throwing them in the trash. So not only will you get wonderful fertile soil for your beautiful plants but you will also help our planet become healthier.


Home-baked bread.

2020 was the year when the sales of bread machines rocketed and the trend is showing no signs of going away. Millions of people are experimenting with dozens of bread recipes that can be found online or simply winging it and coming up with their own unique bakes. And there is almost nothing that can beat the smell oh of freshly baked bread filling up your home.


Plant-based burgers.

Plant-based protein (especially burger patties) has created a lot of buzz this year. You have probably seen dozens of videos on YouTube of people reacting to plant-based burgers or trying to tell the difference between them and the meat-based ones (and in many cases failing to do so).

As demand for plant-based burgers increases the food scientist will roll up their sleeves and try to deliver, which means that the flavor will become even more sophisticated and meat-like.


Milk alternatives.

Most of us are already familiar with soy milk, coconut milk, and almond milk, and have been using them for years as dairy substitutes. But the year 2021 saw the emergence of their competition. The new kids on the block are oat milk, hemp milk, and even rice milk. They can even be made at home with minimal effort and only one or two ingredients.

So these are some of the top food trends that spread all over the world in the year 2021. The year is still far from over so we don’t know what trends will emerge in the future but regardless, the aforementioned trends are most likely here to stay.