You don’t need to be rich to enjoy rich food

Enjoy Restaurant Cuisine Anywhere You’d Like With a Personal Chef

Hire a Personal Chef in St. Louis

31 May 2019

Enjoy Restaurant Cuisine Anywhere You’d Like With a Personal Chef. You don’t need to be rich to enjoy rich food.

Have a big event coming up and feeling overwhelmed by the growing grocery list? Struggling to know what food to cook, how many ingredients to buy, and how you’ll prepare the food so it’s fresh and delicious when meal time comes? You’re not the only one.

Turns out cooking for the masses isn’t as simple as it might initially seem, and that’s okay. There are actually trained professionals who went to school and trained for years to expertly cook great food. Introducing...chefs.

A personal chef is the stress-free answer to your family’s catered cooking needs. We’ll show you how a personal chef can turn your hectic event into an enjoyable experience for you and for all.

Stress-Free, Delicious Food at Affordable Rates

Personal chefs handle all the menu planning, ingredient shopping, prepping, cooking, packaging, and cleanup. You just have to show up, enjoy your own party, and savor the delicious meals prepared by the pros. No sweat. No stress. Just good food and good times.


And it’s not as expensive as you might think. Consider the hours it would take you to research, plan, grocery shop, and cook. When all is said and done and you’ve run the kitchen show solo, do you think the meal will be equivalent to that of an expertly trained chef? Maybe. But think of the headaches you could prevent and the stress you could avoid by handing the ladle over to an expert.


Personal chefs are a valuable service, just like getting your car repaired. Sure, you could whip out a car manual and sift through YouTube videos to diagnose a car issue on your own, then you could do the research and order the parts yourself, open up the hood and get to work, then cross your fingers that the car turns back on. Or you could take your car to a shop, pay a nominal fee, and receive a money-back guaranteed working car. Which would you rather do? Why is this service any different than getting a personal chef for the appropriate occasion?


With a personal chef, you can bring the flavor train to the wedding, graduation, birthday party, or anywhere you want to celebrate with high-quality food. No, this isn’t exclusively for the privileged or wealthy. We provide expert chefs at affordable rates so locals can enjoy chef-made food cooked right in front of their eyes.

How Does Hire-a-Chef Work?

The process is easy.


1. Select a chef. Our expert chefs specialize in a variety of cuisines, so find the one that’ll fit your event.

2. Check the chef’s availability and make the request.

3. Once approved, pay the requested deposit fee.

4. The chef will arrive at the predetermined time and cook on location.

5. Pay the bill. Enjoy the meal.


It’s that simple.


It’s never been easier to have fresh, high-quality food prepared and cooked wherever you need. Whether it's at a church, school, backyard, or swimming pool, our trained chefs will transform your event and take the stress of food off your plate. Check out our available chefs now at and start planning your next event.