The prepared meals industry

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01 Aug 2020


The prepared meals industry has evolved so much in the past few years. I bet you that in 2010 you never thought that you would see meal-kit and fully ready meals services. Not much has changed in our lifestyles, we were busy then, and we are busy now. Although what has changed is the awareness of eating healthy, nutritious, and wholesome meals. Every year we hear about new studies showing the negative effect on our body by eating unhealthy food. The fast-food industry has taken note of it, and they have begun to change their menu by offering new items that are much healthier. However, not all have changed their menus, and continue to provide oily, greasy, and unhealthy food. Therefore, it is no surprise that several prepared meals delivery and meal-kit deliveries companies have come up to fill the void. It makes sense, we want to eat healthy, wholesome, nutritious food, and these companies fit right in.

A lot of these companies offer meals to lose weight. Some are more successful than the others. Why is that? Well, although customers may lose weight by eating the food, it is not a sustainable lifestyle. You cannot continue to eat a particular diet food for all your life. Therefore, as soon as you stop dieting, you start to gain weight, thus returning to your original weight and perhaps adding a few more pounds.

Then other companies offer chef-prepared meal delivery service. They provide quality food consisting of a balanced diet. Almost all such companies have a few drawbacks - All our subscription-based services, which is fine if you like to eat the same food week after week. But if you are like me, it is not a preferred lifestyle. I love food, and I like variety. The other drawback is that these meals are shipped from out-of-state and come with a lot of throw-away packing materials, such as ice-packs and thermal blanket, etc. I am not a tree-hugger, but I do love my planet, and I feel terrible about throwing away so much packing material just to get my meals.

So now what? I am busy, me and my wife work, and we have two kids. We barely have time to do grocery shopping, let alone cooking and cleaning. Also, we have limited cooking skills; we can prepare a handful of items, and the problem is that our kids don't like what we can cook. It seems like a daunting problem. Well, it is.

Thankfully, we have a solution, and it is a platform connecting you to your local chefs. So what is the big deal about this platform, and what is it called? Well, it is called What does "Sare" mean, you ask? In my native language (Hindi), Sare (pronounced as Sa-Ray) means "All." The big deal about this platform is that it offers you a subscription-free prepared meals-delivery online shop. You get to choose your chef and delivery date and time. The food is prepared locally and delivered in a refrigerated van. Therefore all your hard-earned money goes into the food and not the irrelevant packing and stuff. The end result is that you get chef-prepared wholesome and nutritious meals without breaking your bank and without spending endless hours in the kitchen. Last but not least, you help chefs that are local to your community. We call it a win-win at all levels.

Next time you need prepared-meals, go to, choose a chef, select your meals, and get your meals delivered to your doorstep.