Why don’t the new year resolutions work for most people?

New Year’s resolutions have become an inseparable part of the winter holidays


19 Jan 2022

 Why don’t the new year resolutions work for most people?


New Year’s resolutions have become an inseparable part of the winter holidays. Almost everyone seems to be promising themselves to quit smoking, switch to a healthier plant-based diet, lose weight, start saving money for a specific goal, etc. But the vast majority of people fail to stick to their New Year’s resolutions. Fortunately, some New Year’s resolutions are easier to keep than others. For instance, if you live in St. Louis and you want to switch to a healthier diet and eat fresh food every day you can subscribe to a fresh meals delivery service and have delicious fresh meals delivered to your house.

But keeping other New Year’s resolutions may be tricky. In this article, we will explore some of the most common reasons why so many of them fail so that the next time you make your resolution you will know what to watch out for.


Peer pressure to make a New Year’s resolution.


One of the major reasons many people even decide to make a New Year’s resolution in the first place is the pressure from their friends and family to do so. Indeed, if you were surrounded by people who are telling each other about all the positive changes they are going to make in their lives you would feel like an outcast if you refused to partake in the activity. New Year’s resolutions that are made as a result of peer pressure more often than not end up failing. The reason is that you simply were not ready to make that commitment at that particular time. So, make your resolutions on your own terms, at the time when you are ready to make them and don’t be embarrassed to tell your friends if you are not.


Not realizing what you are getting into.


Many people like to make New Year’s resolutions just because they sound good, without actually realizing what they might involve. Sure, eating healthy and switching to a vegetarian or entirely plant-based diet sounds like the thing that would be extremely beneficial (and it is), but do you realize that this step requires you to change most of your daily diet, shop at different stores, go to different restaurants, deny yourself certain foods during parties and holidays? Don’t make your New Year’s resolutions on a whim; take a minute to think about what you are signing up for before you make the commitment. Fortunately, if you do decide to commit to healthy eating there is a fresh meal delivery service to help you. You can order delicious fresh meals and have them delivered right to your doorstep which makes keeping this particular New Year’s resolution much easier.


Lack of planning.

Another reason why people fail is that they fail to fit their New Year’s resolutions in their busy schedules. You can’t just say I’m going to start going to the gym. What time will you go to the gym? Are there any gyms in your area? How long will it take you to get there? You need to think about these details and fit the new changes you are planning to make into the existing schedule.


Being too confident.


Many people think that implementing the changes in their lives will be a piece of cake, but they are soon hit by a stone-cold wave of reality. If you want your New Year’s resolutions to stick don’t be overconfident; it is OK to admit that making changes in your life will be hard. Keep reminding yourself that despite the initial hardships and sacrifices it will be worth it in the end.


Not monitoring your progress.

Another major reason for failure is not keeping an eye on your progress. For instance, surveys have found that people tend to keep losing weight when they use various apps to monitor their lifestyle choices. Seeing that your daily decisions inch you closer to your final goal gives you the motivation to keep going. So, if you’ve decided to lose weight buy a bathroom scale, if you’ve decided to walk more buy a smartwatch that counts your steps, and if you’ve decided to eat healthier subscribe to the healthy meals delivery service and let the professionals do the cooking for you.


Keep these tips in mind to make sure that the next time you make your New Year’s resolutions they actually last for an entire year.