Subscription-free local prepared meals delivery is a great option!

For many young professionals, couples, and families, dinner is an opportunity to sit down to enjoy r


21 Mar 2022

 In 2022, many of us made resolutions to spend more time doing things we enjoy. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to feel like we’ve missed out on quality time with loved ones, indulging in our favorite hobbies, or simply enjoying relaxation and mindfulness. The result? Consumers are prioritizing convenience when it comes to their shopping needs.


This plays out in a number of ways, but one of the biggest we’ve seen is a shift in the way we collectively approach mealtimes. For many young professionals, couples, and families, dinner is an opportunity to sit down to enjoy relaxation, connection, and a delicious meal. But when it comes to preparation, the idea of creating a list, shopping, chopping, cooking, and serving is less than appealing.


The work that goes into cooking up something tasty almost negates the enjoyment that we get from it once it’s done…and we think that’s a real shame.

Eliminate Stress and Increase Satisfaction

One of the best ways we’ve found to eliminate the stressors of mealtime is to prioritize breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that make it easy for you to create something delicious without requiring excessive elbow grease, time, or effort. That’s probably why meal delivery services have grown in popularity over the years.


If you’ve been skeptical about the benefits of prepared meal delivery services, you might want to consider just how much time is often spent cooking vs. enjoying the meal. This statistic alone has been enough to sway most of our customers, who realized that after they added up the time spent shopping, putting groceries away, getting groceries back out, unpackaging, cutting, preparing, cooking, and serving, they spent 3 to 5 times as much time preparing as they did enjoying the meal.


For some, this investment of time and energy is worth it; they might enjoy cooking or find the preparation cathartic. But for others, they simply don’t have time to spare when it comes to feeding themselves or their families. If you feel like you have a life to live and you’re tired of the prep work, meal kits and prepared meal delivery services might just be the answer to your needs.


But when it comes to prepared meal delivery options, there are seemingly endless options on the market. In fact, you’re probably no stranger to emails and ads from some of the larger, more popular meal kit services. But what you might not know is that there are local options available, too.

Support Local

One of the reasons many are hesitant to subscribe to a meal kit delivery service is because they want to ensure their ingredients are fresh and of high quality. It’s hard to do that in mass quantities and when shipping across the country, and we’ve heard horror stories of rotten produce or expired ingredients from subscribers of some of the big-name meal kit companies - no thank you.


This is just one of a dozen reasons why we decided to prioritize local, fresh ingredients when it comes to our meal kit ingredients. Instead of supporting mass-produced, potentially low-quality ingredients and organizations, you’re supporting chefs, farmers, and businesses local to the St. Louis area. Since 2018 we’ve been striving to offer delicious meals and ingredients to our customers, and now, you can get it all delivered straight to your door…just in time for dinner. Not only are you supporting local businesses in doing so, but you’re also supporting yourself and your loved ones with great food and more time together.