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26 May 2019 Saving Busy Mom’s One Meal at a Time

Summertime is here and the living is easy! Well…maybe not. As much as we all expect life to slow down this time of year it never seems to happen. You’re still zipping all over town loading up the kids and taking them to practices and games. Your work schedule is just as demanding, and kids are overflowing with energy from the lack of routine now that school is out.

It’s that time of year where teachers are rejoicing, and the parents are exhausted. Although you might finally be getting a little break from the daily grind of packing lunches and helping with homework; those evenings can quickly get filled up with baseball games and soccer practices. But all that hustle and bustle can leave you feeling like there just isn’t enough of you to go around.


If you’re like most families you’re trying to pack as much fun and sun into that 10-week break in the school schedule as possible. After a long day at the lake or playing in the pool the idea of making dinner is exhausting. Let’s face it, it’s never just “making dinner.” It’s the planning, and the shopping and the prepping, then cooking, and serving. (Not to mention the dishes after.)


Esh! Enough already. You’ve likely already searched the internet for easy weeknight meals and are getting burnt out on the same dishes over and over. Of course, there is always drive through, but it’s hard to feel good about feeding your family something cooked in grease and handed to you through a window. If you have a child with food allergies, forget it. These days it seems like everyone is looking for custom fit meals and no one has the time to make them. is the answer. We are saving busy moms one meal at a time by delivering meals to your home in St. Louis. Yes. For real. Healthy meals delivered to your home right here in St. Louis. No more casserole dishes soaking in the sink for days, no more grocery shopping after a long day, no more entire days of meal prep taking over your life. Place your order and let us do the rest. We will deliver chef prepared meals to your door. All you have to do is heat them up and enjoy.


Our site offers real food, not fast food, prepared by real chefs. We offer a variety of dishes for specific diets. If you’re eating Vegan, or Keto, or maybe you’re a Diabetic who’s trying to eat a low carb diet. Whatever your diet we have a chef for you. We have got it covered.


With you can throw away that to-do list and get your family back right where you want them, around the table. Imagine sitting down to a healthy chef prepared meal that you didn’t have to cook. We even have chefs that provide kids meals. Imagine how much more relaxed you’d be if you weren’t in the endless cycle of shopping and preparing and cooking. With that dream can become a reality. Now that’s a Summer I’d sign up for.

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