How to get back in shape post Holidays?

You are not alone.


19 Jan 2022

 How to get back in shape post Holidays?


Winter holidays are around the corner which means that soon many of us will be ordering from a holiday meals delivery service, trading in our work outfits for a comfy pair of slippers and sweatpants, and picking up a few pounds. But as fun as the holidays might be, it is far less fun when the festive season is over and we can’t squeeze back into our favorite pair of jeans. So how can we get back in shape and shake the weight we gained during the holidays? Keep reading to find out.


Try to avoid getting out of shape in the first place.

Just because it is the holiday season does not mean that all bets are off and you can abuse your body without any long-term consequences. So try to keep some of your healthier habits throughout the festive season. For instance, if you jog every morning, there is no reason why you can’t do that even during the holiday break. And although holiday food is delicious you should show restraint and try to avoid overeating. Another great idea is to order a healthier version of your holiday feast from the healthy meals delivery service. Professionals know how to make dishes that are both delicious and healthy, and you can relax and spend all that time you would have spent stressed out in the kitchen doing something you enjoy instead.


Don’t get depressed.

Whatever you do, do not lose hope of getting back in shape. Regardless of the number of pounds, you have gained and no matter your age you can get back on track, and if you try hard enough you might even end up looking and feeling better than before the holidays!


Get rid of the leftovers.

As soon as the holiday party is over it is time to clean out your fridge and pantry. You can leave some of the healthier options behind (e.g. the salads and white turkey meat to make some healthy sandwiches) but all the cakes and buttery mash potatoes have to go. You don’t have to throw it away, you could donate it to your local shelter.


Go back to your old healthy eating habits or take up new ones.

If you led a healthy lifestyle before the holidays then it will be easier for you to get back on track. But if it is your first attempt to get into a better shape then you will need help. For a start, it is a good idea to have fresh healthy meals delivered to you. This way, even if you lead an extremely busy life, you will always have fresh healthy food on your table at mealtimes so you will not have an excuse to reach for the unhealthy options. You can even order entirely plant-based dishes f you decide to become vegan. 


Don’t do it alone.

It is much easier to get back in shape if an entire family makes a decision to do so. Even if you live far away from your family you can communicate with them online and monitor each other’s progress. Alternatively, you can make a “get back in shape” pact with your friends. If they refuse to participate as well, don’t worry. There are countless groups online where like-minded individuals share their determination to get back in shape. Join one and get inspired by watching other people achieve their weight loss goals. Once you get back in shape you can share your success story as well.


These are some of the simple rules you have to follow to get in shape after the holiday season. One of the major factors we have to control is food, and subscribing to a fresh meals delivery service does help a lot. But you don’t have to wait until after the holidays to start living healthy. If you live in St. Louis you can go online and order yourself some healthy meals right now.