5 healthy cooking tips you can start using today.

Incorporate healthy cooking habits into your life


27 Mar 2021


There is no question that the secret to healthy cooking is healthy ingredients, right?


Wrong. There is so much more to a healthy recipe than the ingredients. But if you are anything like the average American, chances are you are not aware of what you are doing wrong.


Don’t give up on your desire for a healthy lifestyle just yet. We believe that healthy cooking starts at home. 


But who has the time, right?


So, to make things simpler for you, here are 5 healthy cooking tips that you can start using today.


Plan your meals:


So many diet plans fail because people jump straight into it without a plan of action. But going with the flow is hardly the right direction for a healthy lifestyle.


It’s better to plan your meals ahead of time to avoid any last moment surprises. Just take a blank piece of paper, write down whatever you are feeling like having, and check whether the ingredients are available or not. 


Having a plan can set you up for success. But there will be times when you will absolutely not feel like cooking. It happens and we understand.


Don’t worry. We are here to help. At SareFood.com, we are a meal delivery service that works with professional chefs bringing you the perfect healthy meal for one of those unplanned days.


Shop wisely:


Choosing low-fat milk over regular milk can cut down your weight loss journey by a year and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Choosing lean-cut meats and avoiding processed food items like chips and wafers are great places to start for a healthy lifestyle.


So, the next time you are in the grocery store, don’t just look at the price, look at the calorific content as well.


Lock the nutrients:


That’s right. How you cook can have a tremendous impact on how much of the nutrients you are getting into your body.


Start small. Scrub your vegetables instead of peeling them and stir-fry them instead of boiling them. This ensures that the delicate vitamins don’t get washed away with the scrub-water.


Make every meal count by completely retaining the nutrients.


Shuffle your proteins:


Are you munching down on a huge slab of beef hoping to get healthy?


That’s not going to work. Our bodies work in mysterious ways. The more of one thing that you consume, the more it gets used to it.


Surprising your body from time to time with variety can help you achieve your fitness goals faster. 


The best way to do this is to shuffle up your proteins. Instead of having a huge serving of one protein like beef, have multiple small portions of fish, beef, and chicken.


And don’t forget to put in a lot of vegetables which will help you feel full for longer.


Sounds easy? It’s not if you are staying alone. Meats don’t have a very long shelf-life and frozen meat is not healthy.


We understand if you don’t want to take a trip to the supermarket every day which is why we help you stay true to your lifestyle at SareFood.com.


Choose from a wide range of dishes prepared by professional chefs in adequate portions so you never get bored. Gone are the days of Googling restaurants open near you that deliver. We are a professional meal delivery service getting you freshly prepared meals each time.


Limit added sugar and salt:


How much salt we should take each day? 2.4 gm. How much we end up taking? Over 3.5 gm.


The same goes for sugar too. In fact, the two things we take for granted in our diet, salt and sugar are the ones causing the most damage silently.


A great step towards a healthy lifestyle is to limit your sugar and salt intake. That means avoiding processed foods which contain the most salt and sugar.


Try to spice up your everyday meal with spices, herbs, and vinegar. The best way to do this is to cook your meals at home.


But if you are someone like our hundreds of customers with a busy routine, we can take care of that for you.


At SareFood.com, you get to choose your healthy lifestyle meal options at the touch of a button. Simply order, sit back, and let us take care of the rest.




Now that you know how to incorporate healthy cooking habits into your life, which ones are you going to use? Don’t worry if you cannot get them all right the first time.


We are there for those special, unplanned days. Choose a meal delivery service that let’s you be healthy today. 


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