At Sarefood We Have Comfort Food For Every Mood

Soul Food for Every Mood

Comfort Food from Sarefood

29 Jan 2019


Sarefood Has Comfort Food For Every Mood


Asian cuisine features flavor-filled rice and noodle dishes. Indian food is full of spice and warm, rich curries. But what you have a craving for comfort food -- especially on a cold winter’s day -- nothing hits the spot quite like a heaping plate of some tried-and-true American food.


The chefs at Sarefood offer ethnic options that allow you to travel the world through your tastebuds, but we have something else, too: cozy, wholesome meals that’ll evoke childhood memories (and help you make new ones). Home cooked and made with love, each meal is just like Mom used to make -- maybe better.


If chilly temperatures give you a hankering for something satisfying, SareFood has comfort food to suit any mood. Whether you’re in search of a shareable dish for two, something to savor after a stressful weekday, or a steaming bowl of soup when you’re feeling under-the-weather, we have American comfort food options to nourish you and your family from the inside out.



If you want: A hearty dinner to feed the family

Try: Chef Yolanda’s Grass Fed Filet, Mashed Potatoes & Broccoli


This delicious meal is perfect for big appetites. Complete with perfectly-seasoned steak, garlic and parsley mashed potatoes, and fresh broccoli, no one will be hungry after downing this tasty meal. Plus, it’s easy to prepare on a weeknight.


If you want: A gourmet dish for a date night in

Try: Chef Tony’s Cranberry Chicken, Garlic Rosemary Mashed Potatoes & Parmesan Brussel Sprouts


This award-winning dish gives off restaurant-quality vibes, but you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home (pajamas optional). Simply heat and eat … and you won’t even have to leave a tip!


If you want: A toasty meal to nurse a cold

Try: Chef Elicia’s Tomato Basil Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons


This grown-up version of grilled cheese and tomato soup is just as cozy as your favorite childhood pairing. Whether you’ve come down with a cold or you just want something warm and delicious on a frigid day, treat yourself to a steaming bowl of this stuff.


If you want: Comfort food at its finest

Try: Chef Elicia’s Baked Macaroni & Cheese


Simply heat up a tray of ooey gooey goodness, and this macaroni and cheese is easier to make than the boxed stuff -- and a lot tastier, too. A mix of five cheeses make this classic extra rich and oh-so-yummy. Try it as a side dish, or enjoy as a meal in itself!


If you want: Sunday dinner for the family

Try: Chef Catherine’s Chicken and Biscuits


Reminiscent of both chicken and biscuits and chicken pot pie, there’s plenty of “comfort” in this dish. It’s the perfect meal to enjoy on a lazy Sunday afternoon; one that’s so lazy, you don’t even feel like cooking (and that’s okay).


If you want: A sweet treat that everyone will love

Try: Chef Catherine’s Aunt Mimi’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


Is there anything more all-American than a chocolate chip cookie? If you’re craving a chewy, chocolatey bite but don’t have time to cook, Chef Catherine will bake you a batch that’ll bring back memories of Grandma’s house -- or in this case, Aunt Mimi’s.