Thanksgiving dinner foods.

Thanksgiving Dinner Table


22 Nov 2021

 Thanksgiving dinner foods.


Thanksgiving will be upon us in a blink of an eye, and with such a difficult year behind us everyone in St Louis (and in the entire USA) is looking forward to having some downtime and indulging in their favorite classic Thanksgiving dishes. The types of flavors that will take your mind back to the simpler times and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So, if you can’t wait for Thanksgiving day to come you definitely need to keep reading about the classic dishes that must adorn your table this year. And the best part is that you do not need to cook any of it by yourself! You can simply pick up your phone and order the dishes from the best holiday meals delivery service in St Louis. You can pick your favorite Thanksgiving foods have them made by professional chefs and delivered to your doorstep for the best Thanksgiving dinner experience. If you are a newly-fledged host and are unsure about what to get, keep reading to find out what are some classic dishes guaranteed to win everyone’s heart.


Roast turkey.

Roast turkey is the star of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner table, it is the dish that goes all the way back to the original Thanksgiving feast. But roasting this bird is not for the faint of heart. The bird by itself is rather dry and flavorless so you need to cover it in a mixture of herbs and butter and keep an eye on it to baste it every now and then. Then there is stuffing; it needs to be seasoned perfectly to impart its own flavor onto the bird. Roasting a turkey is a delicate process that challenges even experienced home cooks. To avoid all the hard work you can just have yours delivered by a meals delivery service. 


Turkey gravy.

Thanksgiving turkey is unimaginable without some turkey gravy which is another tight wire act. You need to add the right flavors to the turkey juice and whisk it continuously to reduce it to the right consistency. If you get the gravy wrong it will ruin the other dishes on your plate. That is why it is a great idea to have your Thanksgiving dinner delivered. That way you can be confident that your gravy will be mouthwateringly good.


Baked ham.

Baked ham has established itself as a popular sidekick to roast turkey, and today many families in St Louis cannot imagine their Thanksgiving dinner without it. But what can you do if you only have one oven? All that roasting and baking is going to take up most of the day, and then there are side dishes to think of! The best meals delivery service to the rescue! Leave all the cooking to the professionals and enjoy your stress-free Thanksgiving dinner.


Cranberry sauce.

Put the canned cranberry sauce down! You deserve better. When you will decide to have your Thanksgiving dinner delivered just add the cranberry sauce to the basket as well. This is a timeless holiday classic so your guests will expect to see it on the table.


Pumpkin pie.

No dessert complements the Thanksgiving dinner as well as the pumpkin pie. Deliciously spicy, with its rich taste and custard-like texture it is another timeless star of the Thanksgiving table. Another must-have on your holiday meals delivery list.


Pecan pie.

Another powerhouse of the pie family, pecan pie has a massive fan following of his own. A healthier version of the pie can be made without corn syrup.


Green bean casserole.

If you are aiming at organizing a truly traditional Thanksgiving dinner then you cannot omit the green bean casserole. Although compared to some other Thanksgiving dishes green bean casserole has not been around for as long, it has quickly become one of the favorite side dishes in the USA. Being drowned in a creamy dressing these green beans are so delicious that even children will be asking for a second serving.


Mashed potatoes.

Speaking of children, if you want them to be really happy with your Thanksgiving dinner then make sure there is a bowl of creamy mashed potatoes on the table. With that being said, there is nothing stopping adults from indulging in this Thanksgiving classic, so better have two bowls, just in case.


Sweet potatoes.

Sweet potato is another ingredient that frequently appears at Thanksgiving tables around the USA. This vegetable is partially popular due to its versatility. Other than turning it into a delicious mash (which is an obvious thing to do with potatoes) you can slice them up and make a casserole. Or, if you are not a fan of either pecans or pumpkins you can use sweet potatoes as a Thanksgiving pie filling. Both pie and casserole are better when topped with marshmallows.


These are some of the traditional dishes that used to be on every Thanksgiving table in America. And although people’s taste seems to be changing and many people are trying to bring in some new dishes nothing seems to be delicious enough to replace these timeless classics.