3 Reasons to Indulge Your Comfort Food Cravings

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08 May 2019

3 Reasons to Indulge Your Comfort Food Cravings

Comfort food. Delicious, simple, and terrifically satisfying. Recall the last hearty meal you enjoyed, one that filled you with sweet nostalgia of your childhood or hometown. Just thinking about it might have your mouth watering and tummy grumbling — that’s the power of homestyle comfort food.

Few other foods deliver the psychologic boost that comfort food promises. Beyond physical and mental sensations, comfort food sinks deeper. Perhaps even to the soul. A promise of solace, warmth on a chilly evening, a break from the stressful day — these foods sustain us during the hard times and spur us forward during the good times.

Yet, despite providing feel-good vibes and tastebud-tingling flavors, comfort food has received a bad rap in recent years. Observers have misunderstood and drawn a link between comfort and caloric, but sound reasoning would disagree. Wellness “gurus” and self-proclaimed health “experts” don’t understand an important concept: satisfying your comfort food cravings and sticking to your health goals aren’t mutually exclusive. Ironically, the opposite is true.

Here’s why.

1. Food Is Medication for the Mind

Consuming tasty food doesn’t just please your belly. Research shows it delights the mind, as well. This study found comfort foods were consistently associated with close friends and family, , meaning consuming these foods reminds the eater of those close to them. And this association proves to decrease loneliness.

"Comfort food can serve as a ready-made, easy resource for remedying a sense of loneliness," says the lead author of the study Jordan Troisi. So, when you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up, a hearty serving of hometown cooking might just be the fix you need.

2. Comfort Doesn’t Mean Calories

We’ve come to stereotype comfort food with carb-loaded, fat-rich, sugar-laden dishes, but that’s not how it has to be. Eating healthy doesn't have to mean salad, smoothies, and grapefruit for every meal. Whether you're striving to slim down or just trying to eat more veggies, there are good-for-you comfort foods that’ll satisfy your body and soul.

You can find better-for-you versions of all your favorites dishes, whether that’s pizza, meatloaf, or a classic grilled cheese sandwich. Yummm. Think low-carb pizza or sweet potato french fries — foods stuffed with terrific, healthy flavors that carry enough semblance to bring good feelings flooding in.

Comfort food can boost your happiness without knocking another notch in your belt. You just need to be imaginative and think outside the box (or you can let the chefs at SareFood take care of the creativity and cooking for you).

3. You Only Live Once

Though the YOLO trained has passed, its stark reminder lingers with us. We get one life to live, and only you get to decide how to live it. For some, it’s the thrill of traveling and exploring the world. For others, it’s raising a happy, healthy family or building a successful career. And for you, it might be savoring the delectable flavors of the world around you.

Life is too short to be filled with “whoopsies” and “I should have”s. Good food, good times, and good health don’t have to be separate lives to live — they can all be a collective part of your own happy journey. Yes, you can relish in a heaping plate of mash potatoes without abandoning your pursuit of healthiness. You can and you should.

At SareFood, we offer the comfort cuisines every culture can appreciate. Whether you find comfort in a plate of hakka noodles or at the bottom of a rich bowl of mac n’ cheese, anyone can find tasty food filled with sentimental value. Our one of a kind food delivery service puts you in charge of who cooks your meal, what they make, and when you eat it. We do the shopping, prepping, cooking, and delivery so you can sit back, relax, and comfortably reminisce while you eat.

We’re on a mission to help families and communities embrace a healthy lifestyle through fresh, homestyle food. Anyone can be cheered up by chowing down, and we make it easier than ever by delivering high-quality dishes to your own table. Give our services a try now and indulge your cravings with the guilt-free pleasures of chef-made comfort food.      

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