Cook for SareFood Home Delivery Meals Service to Build Your Own Brand


03 Jul 2018

St. Louis based meal delivery service uses local chefs Chefs in St. Louis cook for home delivery service Sare Food. Sare Food delivers delicious and nutritious meals to St. Louis, MO area residents through our online ordering system. We hire local chefs to create menus for our subscribers to choose meals from, and to prepare the food for us to deliver to our customers. If you are a chef based in St. Louis, consider cooking for SareFood.

Q. How does the hiring process work? A. SareFood hires chefs in St. Louis cook for home delivery, but we want to ensure we employ chefs who produce quality meals for our customers. To become a chef for Sare Food, first, you must submit an application, then pass our rigorous vetting process. If you’re selected, we’ll send you a contract to read and sign. Then, we’ll help you get your food business started with Sare.

Q. How will customers find me? A. The great thing about SareFood is that we bring the customers to you. Once on board, one of our staff will help you set up your online profile and menu. You’ll create a weekly menu, and if customers want your product, they’ll select it. We take care of the marketing for you.

Q. What if I need time off from cooking for SareFood? A. The Chefs in St. Louis cook for home delivery we hire have the benefit of a flexible schedule. If you need to go offline for a while, that’s fine. Just make sure all your orders have been fulfilled and no orders are outstanding.

Q. How long do I have to prepare orders for my clients? A. SareFood customers have until Sunday evening to select their menu and submit their order. They then chose from two delivery days, Wednesday or Saturday for delivery. You will need to be sure your food is prepared, packaged, and ready for us to pick up for delivery that morning.

Q. Why should I considering becoming a chef for SareFood? A. There are many reasons you should consider becoming a chef for SareFood. First, it’s a great way to build your customer base. Second, you can essentially run your own business, without having to handle the overhead costs associated with it. Third, you get to have some fun creating your own, diverse menu. Lastly, you get an extra revenue stream that stems from doing something you love.

Q. What sets SareFood apart from other meal delivery services? A. SareFood is different from other meal delivery services on the market today. First, we are local. We service the St. Louis area which helps guarantee the products we deliver are customers are fresh. We also hire chefs in St. Louis cook for home delivery which allows local chefs build their customer base. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, our food is made with love. We take pride in delivering a quality product to our customers.

St. Louis, MO chefs cook for home delivery St. Louis, MO chefs cook for home delivery with SareFood. To learn more about how we work, or to start your application, be sure to contact us today.