Make a Name for Yourself as a Chef in St Louis

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22 May 2019

Make a Name for Yourself as a Chef in St. Louis

Gladiators in ancient Rome boasted a higher survival rate than restaurants in the food industry.

Close to 60% of restaurants fail in the first year and 80% don’t make it to five. Those are some bleak percentages for aspiring chefs. Starting your own restaurant isn’t easy. You have to deal with constant competition, maintaining and growing your customer base, marketing, location dependencies, and so much more. And, on top of all that, you need to cook some incredibly delicious food day after day — and that’s no easy task.

Fortunately, SareFood is taking a heap of problems off your plate with a revolutionary platform that will transform the way you make a name for yourself as a chef in St. Louis. The concept is simple. Rather than delivering ready-to-eat meals or ingredients from hundreds of miles away, we connect you with locals to bring them fresh, nutritious food straight to their door. Whether you’re serving up soul, authentic ethnic, fusion, paleo, or keto, you can empower customers to enjoy high-quality regional cuisine from the comfort of their home. Here’s how we help.

We Provide the Marketplace—You Provide the Food

You enjoy the creative freedom to create a weekly menu inspired by you heart’s desire. We provide a marketplace for locals in the St. Louis community to find and order from you. You use our state-of-the-art kitchen to prep and cook all your meals, then we help you package it up and deliver it to the doorstep’s of your hungry customers. Orders come in on Sundays, deliveries go out on Wednesdays and Saturdays, giving you the time you need to prepare and cook tastebud-tantalizing dishes.

Our Chefs Come First

Literally. You’re the most important part of the business, and that’s why you come first. When customers visit the marketplace, they don’t see all the tasty possibilities first. They see our expert chefs...then the delicious dishes. This helps customers get acquainted with the amazing chefs behind the hot stoves and sizzling skillets, building your personal brand reputation better than even having your own restaurant. You come first and always will.


Plus, there’s no investment or risk on your part. You don’t pay a dime until the orders start rolling in. We take care of the kitchen, high-quality website, mobile app, and marketing so you can focus on what you do best — cooking delicious, authentic cuisines.


Thanks to our platform, it’s never been easier to make a name for yourself as a chef in St. Louis. Our goal is to promote local businesses and chefs and encourage food entrepreneurs who dream of starting their own business. We’re committed to giving culinary talent a new avenue to share their skills with St. Louis and bring about a positive influence in the community. Ready to kickstart your culinary career? Get started as chef with SareFood today by applying here.