Personalized Corporate Catering Options You Can Try

Personalized Corporate Catering


05 Jul 2022

  Treat Your Employees to a Personalized Corporate Catering—Here Are Your Options

Giving your employees a treat doesn’t always mean expensive gifts or team retreats. Sometimes, making them happy can be as simple as arranging a corporate lunch catering. They no longer have to rush outside to get a table in a busy restaurant or get up 30 minutes early in the morning to cook and pack their lunch. Plus, eating together with their colleagues can help foster collaboration and improve team dynamics. But how can you arrange a weekly team lunch without spending too much & boring them with recurring food choices? 

We’ve got your back. Here are some personalized corporate catering options you can try:

Offer Build-Your-Own-Bowl-or-Burrito

Serving lunch that appeals to everyone’s tastes can be challenging. One good idea to address this is to offer a build-your-own-bowl-or-burrito lunch. Look for corporate caterers that can prepare tons of different ingredient options to allow your staff to customize their bowls or burritos. You can keep this corporate lunch concept fresh by exploring cuisines other than Mexican. Try serving Asian rice bowls, Korean burritos, or Mediterranean bowls. 

Serve Breakfast Buffet for Lunch

Everyone loves a hearty serving of eggs, bacon, waffles, and bagels any time of day. So go and partner with a breakfast or brunch caterer to fuel your team with a sumptuous breakfast buffet. Let them pick between bacon, sausages, over easy, egg rolls, frittatas, bagels, croissants, waffles, juice, or coffee—or have all of these on one plate!

Go for Boxed Lunches

Will your next corporate lunch fall on the busiest week of the quarter? Keep everything convenient by offering boxed lunches to your team. Boxed lunches are easy to serve and can be eaten anytime and anywhere in the office. Just make sure to offer variety. Sandwiches are a staple boxed lunch idea, but you can also try bento boxes that can include smoked salmon pinwheels, heart-shaped rice cakes, flower-carved kiwis, and more.

Serve Any Meal Through SareFood

Again, serving lunch that appeals to everyone’s tastes can be hard. That’s not to mention that some employees may have dietary restrictions or preferences, like Keto or plant-based. So one of the best personalized corporate catering options is to shop here at

Delivering prepared meals in the St. Louis Metro area, we can help ensure your regular team lunches are fun, exciting, convenient, and cost-efficient. With an extensive range of menus (Italian, American, Indian, Chinese, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Desserts—you name it) from the best local chefs, we can satisfy your employees’ individual tastes in food. And with, you can order meals from different chefs using a single platform! It’s super convenient. You can have one person manage everyone’s orders or do a survey on your employees’ dietary preferences & restrictions—and you can place your orders online.