Commercial Kitchens

24x7 and 365 days access to a commercially licensed facility

Member Benefits

Sare Food has collaborated with to provide 24x7 and 365 days access to a commercially licensed facility in St. Louis. This is a powerful collaboration, it provides chefs everything they need to be successful and quadruple their revenues!

With, chefs can setup their e-restaurant and provide weekly meals and catering services to local customers. takes care of maintaining and enhancing the website as well as Mobile App, it takes care of online credit card payments through a secured payment gateway, and it also does all the marketing for chefs.

On one hand, has invested hundreds and thousands of dollars in creating the very first online portal and Mobile App to connect chefs to local customers and on the other hand, its collaborative partner, has invested heavily on setting up and maintaining a state of the art commercial licensed kitchen which is easily accessible to everyone in St. Louis all throughout the year. This is unique opportunity for chefs to overcome all the barriers to be successful.

The best part of it all, you can either do this full-time or on the side, the decision is yours! And did we tell you? You don’t need to invest a dime and one more thing, you don’t cook, until you get an order.