Chicken Spedini

Others     each      90cal approx.

A St Louis tradition. Chicken breast pounded flat breaded with our breadcrumbs, rolled with provel cheese and spices. Baked until golden brown. Served with vegetable medley.
Protein: Chicken     Carb: NA     Fat: NA    
⅖ Large Skinless Boneless Chicken Breasts ⅖ ounces Provel add Italian Dressing 2/15 cups Italian Bread Crumb Fresh Parsley (Garnish) 1/15 Lemon (Optional)
Use Within 7 Days
Chef Special Instruction
     Heat to internal tampature of 160 degrees
Heating Instruction
     7 Minutes in Microwave

     15 Minutes in Conventional Oven

     15 Minutes in Stove Top
     Pan fry with olive oil or place on grill

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