Chicken Lasagna

Keto     2      390cal

A tender chicken is layered with veggies, cheese, and lasagna noodles in a rich creamy alfredo inspired sauce.
Protein: 68.12     Carb: 19.28     Fat:     
Chicken Mince, Butter, Cream, Garlic, Celery, Fresh Herb Mix (Thyme-Rosemary-Oregano-Basil), Basil Leaves, Tomato Concasse, Mixed Chopped Vegetables (Brooccoli, Zuchini, Spinach), Brinjal / Aubergine Sliced, Processed Cheese Grated + 50 gms Mozarella Cheese Diced (Mixed), Zuchcini Thin Slices, Spinach, Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, Paprika
680 gms
Use Within 3 Days
Chef Special Instruction
Heating Instruction
     2 Minutes in Microwave
     2-3 Minutes in microwave.

     5 Minutes in Conventional Oven
     5-8 Minutes at 350 Degrees.

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