Cauliflower Seafood Paella

Gluten Free, Keto     1-2      390cal

Enjoy this classic Spanish dish with a grain-free makeover using cauliflower rice! This Cauliflower Rice Paella is packed with flavor and spices, and yet, so simple to make for a busy weeknight!
Protein: NA     Carb: NA     Fat: NA    
Cauliflower Rice, Chicken or Fish Stock, Prawns (Small), Calamari, Fish, Tomato Grated, Yellow Bell Peppers Diced, Red Bell Peppers Diced, Green Beans Chopped, Onion, Garlic, Smoked Paprika, Olive oil, Salt & Pepper, Parsley, and lemon.
Dairy and Nuts and Fish
500 gms
Use Within 3 Days
Chef Special Instruction
Heating Instruction
     2 Minutes in Microwave
     ~2-3 minutes in the microwave

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