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Affordable, Non-Subscription Prepared Meal Delivery

Who We Are is an online marketplace connecting customers to local professional chefs. These local chefs help customers with their prepared meals delivery and catering needs.

We understand the hassles and challenges of preparing food in your home. Prepared meal delivery is an affordable, accessible option to have healthy, handmade meals when you want them. Made by chefs, having catering sent right to your home is a tasty, customizable way to take the stress out of eating.

Many Types of Cuisines Available

What We Do is proud to partner with local chefs and catering companies in St. Louis, connecting with the highest quality restaurants and food providers. These local chefs provide us with their menus so we can make ordering their delicious food easier for you.

We make prepared meal delivery simple so you can enjoy your meal hassle-free. Select your meals online, give your chef two days, and have your meal delivered to your door. After that, all you need is to reheat, and you're good to go. provides prepared meal delivery for individuals and businesses. So whether you need a few meals to make dinners easier every week or professional catering for a work lunch or client meeting, we can connect you to chefs and restaurants that can provide you with what you need.

Prepared Meal Delivery in St. Louis

How It Works

No Subscription Necessary

One of the most important aspects of what we do and how it makes our prepared meals delivery service different is our non-subscription model. Customers can order from whichever chef they choose without having a subscription. They can also change chefs, trying a new one they are interested in, at any time.

Order Prepared Meals

Choose from your favorite chefs in your area. Browse their specialty meals on our website, adding what you're interested in into your shopping cart. Order your meals two days in advance, so your catering chef of choice has time to ensure they have the freshest ingredients on hand to make your meal fresh before it's delivered.

Many Types of Cuisines Available

Select Within Your Diet

We can help you find prepared meal delivery that fits your dietary needs by working with various chefs and catering companies in St. Louis. Whether your meals need to be gluten-free, Keto-friendly, vegan, diabetic-friendly, or more, our easy-to-use website can help you find the best chef to make a meal that fits your dietary needs.

Delivered Refrigerated

Prepared meal delivery is done with your safety and comfort in mind at every step. Once the catering chef prepares your meals, they are picked up and transported in a refrigerated van, ensuring the highest food safety standards.

Delivered When You Want It

When you order your prepared meals, specify the date and time you want your catering delivered, and it'll be there. Just give us two days after you order, so your chef has time to put it together fresh, and we'll deliver it in a refrigerated truck, so you know it's fresh and ready to eat.

Prepared Meal Delivery in St. Louis

Benefits of Local

Fresher Ingredients

Prepared meal delivery from the same zip code is made and delivered fresh. Your meal isn't frozen and flown from another country; it's made with fresh ingredients shortly before landing at your door. With a catering company that's a short drive away, you'll get a meal with healthy, vibrant ingredients that's made just for you.

Many Types of Cuisines Available

Shop Local

Advances in technology and the ease of grocery delivery have made ordering from large conglomerates that have the money to develop websites and apps for delivery very easy.

Those conglomerates already have thousands of dollars in their pockets, and by choosing to shop with them, you're inadvertently ignoring the local artisanal chefs with a lot to offer the community. We all understand why supporting your community by shopping local is important, and makes it easier than ever before.

Using our simple online portal to order your prepared meals delivery two days in advance, you don't have to worry about preparing them yourself. What's more, you're putting your hard-earned money back into the community you care about, supporting local catering.

Prepared Meal Delivery in St. Louis

No Subscription

When you choose, you're choosing to shop local. National prepared meals delivery chains that work on subscriptions are more concerned about their bottom line than the needs of the real people using their service. A national chain doesn't have the same access to a variety of local chefs and catering companies that put love and care into every bite.

The most significant benefit of having no subscription is the flexibility you get. Choose a different chef every week, or pick your favorite. No worries if you'll be out of town for a few weeks. You don't need to put your subscription on hold or worry about calling a call center to cancel your subscription. Simply not ordering any prepared meal delivery is enough to stop everything. With order-as-you-go catering, you don't need to fuss with subscriptions or memberships.

Many Types of Cuisines Available

Hear from our customers

“Our favorites were the brisket, pulled pork and corn bread. We appreciated that everything was labeled with allergy information, reheating instructions and that there was minimal packaging used (no excess plastic!)” Cynthia Bander

“Great food delivered when promised. Courteous and cleandriver” Rebecca Light

“This worked out great. I have already been telling others about it! Thank you!” Kathy Yingling