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Chef Elicia

Specializes in southern comfort foods as well as soul food.

    Vegan, Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Low Carb


   Price Level $$


    Min Order $65.00

Delicious and super flavorful low-carb meals. Plus this took an item off of my to-do list for the week!
Amanda Mueller

Not going to lie, I just ate a cauliflower chicken and rice and the collard greens with smoked turkey because I was starving, Delicious! This is Great for a busy person like myself who doesn't have alot of time to cook.
Rob Craft

What a Godsend. In less than 24 hrs Chef Elecia delivered 8 entrees and sides to serve more than 22 adults. Their reactions: “This food is the bomb.? “ I’de day this is a hit.? So grateful. It was delicious
M Denise Thomas

The food was wonderful as always. My dad loved his pot roast meal and wants me to order another one for him. I was impressed with the cauliflower fried rice with shrimp. It was very flavorful and I didn't miss the rice.
Thaila McCoy

My dad LOVES the pot roast meal. He eats the meal in almost one sitting. I'm so in love with the cauliflower fried rice dishes. They are so delish I don't miss the rice! Love your company!!
Thaila McCoy

My first order from Sare Food, from Chef Elicia super exceeded my expectations. Everything was PACKED with flavor, portions were very generous, packaged and delivered to my door. Wow! I'm hooked!
Olivia Kostadimas

It arrived super promptly and everything I’ve tried so far is amazing! I love the low carb options and everything is seasoned well and just great quality. I will definitely be ordering again!
Sara Batchelor

The food was wonderful, the service was fast and we will definitely be using them again. The wings by Chef Elicia are amazing!! The Chicken Spinach Artichoke bake was delicious! Thank you Sare Foods!
Michelle M Rogers

This is the best meal delivery food I’ve had. And I have tried 3 others. It was fresh, the person who delivered was very friendly and the food was low carb and tasted AMAZING! Especially the fathead pizza. Wow!
Sarah Will


Delivery was timely, food packed well. I have only eaten shrimp cauliflower fried trice so far and it was excellent! Definitely something I will reorder.
Alfreda L Wilbon

The meals are tasty and the dessert is an added bonus. Will definitely order again.
Alfreda L Wilbon

Really loved the butter chicken, stuffed chicken breast, and chicken cauliflower fried rice. I haven't had the pork chop and catfish yet but I have no doubt they will be great as well.
Patrick Hearne

The variety was amazing! From shrimp kabobs, fried pork chops, rib tips, smothered cabbage, collard greens, shrimp cauliflower fried rice. I ordered for the week. The order arrived on time as promised. Delicious!
Patricia Gregory

I just got my delivery and the food smells delicious especially the cake. Will be buying again.
Tiffany Lardge

Know your Chef

Cooking is a long time passion of mine. I’ve been cooking all my life. I watched and helped my grandma and mom in the kitchen. As an adult I began cooking for family and friends.

My love for cooking and baking led to me leave my social work career behind and open my catering business. I specialize in comfort food and soul food. I prepare cookies and desserts as well.

 I’m excited to share some of my favorites with you!